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    I I need help to help a friend ;
    He is not very good with technology he asked me to changed his gs3 in Arabic as he's actually sending it to his uncle in Syria can someone who speaks Arabic tell me witch one it is as I don't know the language and for me farcy(persian) and Arabic look like the same language. Also, a gs3 can tell me if this page is the right one to change the fonts and also the language (i ad a gs2 and this is a bit different, never had one.

    Thanks in advance guys
    Arabic galaxy s3?-screenshot_2013-04-24-17-54-22.png

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    04-24-13 05:14 PM
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    I don't want to ask the Android Central For this, they are wayyy too slow answering the threads their (well...also because cb is the best of the forums but we won't tell them )

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    04-24-13 05:16 PM
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    i figured it out, if anyone is looking for this, there's is the link

    [GUIDE] How to "add" 5 more languages to XX based stock roms - xda-developers
    04-24-13 07:49 PM

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