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    Hi all,

    I'm a big BB/Crackberry fan (on here a lot but don't contribute a great deal) but I just read something that was pretty awesome and actually felt compelled to share. I know it's an Apple story but I am sure some may feel enlightened the way I did. I couldn't stop thinking about BB10 the whole way through and how much I want them to succeed, and I guess this story gave a bit of hope?

    The Real Story Of Apples Think Different Campaign

    It's long though! Here are a couple of paragraphs that got to me:

    Conversely, we saw a lot of articles talking about Apple negativelymany people in the business world were calling Apple computers toys and incapable of real computing. Meanwhile the press started suggesting that buying an Apple was a dumb purchase and they spoke freely of the fact that Apple had a miniscule and shrinking market share while also having a fraction of the software applications of classic PCs. Apples situation was outright ugly. But through ugly situations come beautiful opportunities.


    But the great thing wasgood or badpeople were talking about a brand that had fallen off their radar. And they were talking a lot. Apple clearly had a pulse and while they werent strong as a lion, they certainly gave the impression they were. This got the Apple faithful fired up, it got the fence sitters back on board, and it got an audience that once thought of Apple as semi-cool, but semi-stupid to suddenly think about the brand in a whole new way. Apple was off to the races and about to make history.

    So 15 years ago, Apple was in a similar position as RIM (BlackBerry)...with so many haters and bad press...but look at them now!
    It's early days but I really hope BlackBerry succeed again - Apple themselves have proved it's possible!

    Whether you agree or not or even care, whatever, but this was a great story nonetheless!
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    02-07-13 06:47 PM

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