08-06-17 07:14 PM
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    Things are starting to work out. I will have a tuition refund check coming in a few weeks that will pay august rent and part of September's. We are also able to get a little extra help with September's rent, and my tuition refund will also cover car repairs and my barber license application ($155, covers temp license, testing fee and first year of licensing, license is $110 a year after that). We are also getting a lot more in food stamps because of the babies being born. There is also assistance with getting pack and plays for free so the babies have somewhere to sleep when they come home from the hospital. All of the assistance stuff is only temporary until I finish school and get back on my own two feet. I have been putting over 50 hours a week in to try to finish school ASAP and I should graduate about the middle of next month. I feel very fortunate and blessed that things didn't fall apart. They easily could have. And I can't take credit I have to thank my higher power for all of this. I love my family and I'm working hard to be able to provide for their future
    Keep your chin up, I'm doing much of the same for my family now. It will pay off, and things will only get easier with time. Good luck with everything!

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    08-06-17 07:14 PM
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