1. 08bmw128i's Avatar
    Hey Everyone!

    Just wanted to know if there are any fans of the So You Think You Can Dance TV show that's on Fox.

    I know I am a faithful view and I love the show.

    Lets start talking about either the dancer, the routines, the judges, or anything else about the show.

    Anyone from here ever audition for it?
    06-11-09 06:33 AM
  2. wnm's Avatar
    My wife is addicted, and I wind up watching it. Get rid of screaming Mary, and I might actually enjoy it. The top 20 dancers are all close to being equal. I would say in truth there is no way to separate the top 10, so I don't buy the idea that one is overall better than the rest.
    06-11-09 06:43 AM
  3. trucky's Avatar
    Mary is a hoot... wish she wasn't so shy tho. I think you're right about all 20 being great dancers. The biggest problem is each one is fantastic in their own genre and it sucks trying to make them all fit a general mold.
    06-11-09 08:12 AM
  4. 08bmw128i's Avatar
    I think this season is great it's going to be interesting to see who goes home tonight as everyone was awesome I think.
    06-11-09 08:29 AM
  5. plg.Boo's Avatar
    i do. Hopelessly hooked.
    06-12-09 09:20 AM
  6. Mavis Fesselmeyer's Avatar
    I don't watch the show.

    However I am a huge fan of Mia Michaels' work. I think she is a brilliant choreographer.
    06-12-09 10:09 AM