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    Before I get flamed here, let me profess my love for BB10. But I am curious what WP10 is is like, from the perspective of a Blackberry 10 user.

    Easy to find opinions on Android and iOS, plus I have experience with black of them anyway. But WP10 has me curios.


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    08-22-15 02:19 AM
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    Well I took one for the team then. I bought a top of the line Lumia from Kijiji. I used it for two days before going back to my Z30. A few quick things that stuck out when doing my Windows Phone vs Blackberry 10:

    • Live tiles cool, but a little overwhelming at first. They should really just have that start screen with only camera, phone, messageing, and email by default. But by default it is completely packed.
    • Hard to describe how smooth the scrolling is. really amazing.
    • Nice fonts.
    • UI in general is pretty nice.
    • Notification are not bad. I love the hub for messaging purposes, but alerts/notifications have always felt out of place there.
    • you can reply to messages from any apps as the alert pops up, similar to BB10. Nice.
    • Outlook apps is pretty badass. I prefer the hub, but mobile outlook is better than iOS or Androids mail apps.
    • dedicated search button is kind of useless, especially when you are locked into Bing. I mistakeny hit it a number of times when wanting to search within the app store.
    • App store is confusing, because it will also show results for the PC. WTF.
    • The ability to have offline maps is pretty sweet. I will this was a common feature.
    • Maps doesn't use pinch and zoom... weird, but the tap and double tap works well once you figure it out.
    • App situation isn't really any better than BB, but there are more native apps. But when native apps are missing, you don't get to use an Android one. Though the lack of Google Play services on BB means fewer Android apps work all the time, so maybe windows does win here.
    • In some cases there was a native BB10 app but not one for windows phone, like SportsNet. In some cases the BB10 app, while not great was still better than the WP version like TSN. Not sure why the two examples that I came across were canadian sports apps. (at least WP still has a MLB app unlike BB).
    • Audio books, I can't live without them. There is a native Audible client which is way better than using the Android app on BB. But since I gave on on Audible (after 10 years) due to frustrations with their DRM, I have 5 different audio book apps from Blackberry world. All of them have been quite flaky until I tried Play-A-Book, now I am quite happy with it. On windows I could only find 3 the store, bought 2. One sucked, one was good. But neither of them could play an audio book from the file system. WTF? The only way to get a book is to put it on OneDrive, then go into the app, and say download book from OneDrive. I am not sure if this is a weird restriction MS has, or if this is just coincedental stupidity.
    • When the Lumia is plugged into the computer, it is lightning fast to copy files to and from it, I would say about 2-5x faster than my Z30. Maybe only 2x faster when the BB is in UMS mode rather than MTP, but the windows phone is that fast in MTP (I think) mode.
    • App switching... not sure if this feature exists. edit: just googled this, you hold the back button, and I kept holding the windows button which caused some weird half screen thing to happen (almost like a bug). Anyway app switching works, though not as slick as in BB10.
    • I would say efficiency of creating and consuming content would be slightly better than Android or iOS, but not at the BB10 level.

    In summary:
    I was kind of hoping to be swept off my feet, and fall in love, thus easing my grief over the loss of BB10. Yeah BB10 may not be EOL, but it has no road map, and app support is at a trickle, likely ending soon. While I loved certain things work, love how it works, but it just isn't as comfy or as efficient at doing things as BB10. I am going back to my Z30 for now. But if BB10 went away, and I had to get something new I don't know that it would be WP 10, and the reason is apps. I don't need many but the two that I require for my job are not availbe on WP10 right now, and many app versions were nowhere near on par with the iOS and Android apps (same situation as BB10).

    So for the long rambling rant. Hope this helps someone.
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    08-26-15 04:26 PM
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    And I saw this today. I think Mr. Nadella would benefit with a wider device.

    Anyone used Windows Phone 10 beta?-not-wide-enough.png
    09-19-15 11:33 PM
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    And I saw this today. I think Mr. Nadella would benefit with a wider device.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	not wide enough.png 
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    Designed for Windows XP BlackBerry Passport

      Leakers' gonna leak... :-)  
    09-20-15 05:11 AM
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    It's a pos on my Lumia 521.
    09-20-15 05:54 AM
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    Too many errors. Wait for Windows phone 10 not beta
    09-22-15 02:59 AM
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    It's a disaster, serious issues.

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    09-22-15 04:23 AM

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