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    Are customers allowed to move their landline numbers when moving to a different city (albeit with the same area code)? Is this a case by case situation, or is there a general rule to this? Thanks.
    06-07-12 07:12 PM
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    No.. In fact usually can't carry your landline number more than a few miles.. Each geographic area not only has an area code (there are 6 different codes for the chicagoland area alone) but each area code is divided into several prefixes.. So if your prefix isn't within the radius, you can't carry it..
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    06-07-12 07:42 PM
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    You can port your landline number to a cell phone but it takes about a week to complete the port. I know that once you did this, you couldn't port it back to a landline but that may have changed. Call your local landline carrier to verify this.

    If your landline is via your cable modem (ie. Triple Play), that should be moveable but again, doublecheck with the landline provider.
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    06-07-12 07:58 PM
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    Thanks. I was kinda anticipating the inability to do this, but thought I'd still ask here. AT&T did tell me it can't be done, but in my experience their record at being correct is at best dismal.

    B9900FAN, I was specifically told to use the term "move" and not a "port", since, I guess, this isn't porting in the changing carriers sense. Regardless, cerealberry's explanation does make sense.
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