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    My hard drive crashed recently and therefore had to be reformatted. I lost EVERYTHING. Still sick over it, anyway...

    I have everything going now except for one thing that is driving me nuts.

    I have a Myspace Flash page - with all of the moving stuff.... When I got my PC back and went to my page, it was really screwy looking. The colors were different and a lot of the content was missing. When I looked at my page on another person's computer, it looked fine.

    So I called the guy who fixed my computer and he said that I needed to download Adobe Flash Player and that would fix it. I did and it did. HOWEVER, my song won't play on my page either. And that didn't fix that part. I can go to other (non-flash) Myspace pages, and music plays. But on mine it won't. Same thing again, when I go to another computer and view my page, I can hear my song just fine. So I think that something is missing.

    I know for certain that the song hasn't been deleted by the artist. I checked that. I just think there's something missing that is preventing my computer from playing music on Myspace flash pages.

    Can anyone help me? The computer guy won't call me back.

    Thanks, Annie
    07-11-08 05:54 PM