1. tallguy21's Avatar
    right now I work at AT&T and I get to try out different phones just to get to know em a lil better...and i'm not going to lie, I cannot seem to pick another smartphone over my berry or another bb for that matter for a balance of everything..

    there are phones that have a better camera or maybe better looking...but as a functioning whole I cannot go another route...

    I actually got a LG Incite for free for going to a Windows Mobile show with my company...and it's cool, but even with some of the "apps" that i've been dl'ing to make my experience better it still doesn't compare...

    i'd have to be an old man who just likes to tinker and not really text or email or do anything that is keyboard based to enjoy the experience more then my Berry..

    the fact that I text, check email, and check myspace/facebook makes my berry experience that much more

    I haven't even gotten into figuring out how to take advantage of the scheduling and what not yet...(only been activated for a short period of time)

    but anywho

    anybody else have a similar experience?
    03-19-09 07:56 PM
  2. ginya-san's Avatar
    I used to work for Alltel, that's when I first got my BB and instantly loved it they had us try out a few different phones from Treo's to Window's based phones and such. I even tried out and LG for a bit, i don't know why but I love my BB. I think they're much easier to deal with. Hated the windows based smart phones they were such a pain! The only other smart phone I really like is the iPhone but i'm not sure i'd leave BB for it.
    03-19-09 11:01 PM
  3. flairbrtndr3's Avatar
    I went mda>pearl>curve>iphone>curve>iphone and curve>g1 and curve>g1>and now my BEAUTIFUL 8900 I just can't stay away from the berry... Also during that whole process I've used the xperia x1, dash, wing, behold, nokia 5800, storm, nokia e71, instinct, lg prada, lg prada 2, and the nokia n96(I worked at a store that carried everything, it was like a candy store lol )but overall NOTHING compares to my blackberrys

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    03-20-09 01:22 AM
  4. ps2widow's Avatar
    I started with the Palm Treo and upgraded to my bb curve and NEVER looked back. I'm so addicted to bb now. My husband has a blackjack II. He is always asking why is blackberry any better then his phone when they can basically all do the same thing. I can't explain it to him because its like debating a political figure but I told him if he used a bb for a day, he'd be hooked.

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    03-20-09 11:42 AM
  5. julianchoa2005's Avatar
    t-mobile mda = t-mobile dash = t-mobile wing = at&t tilt = iphone 3g = blackberry 8320 = blackberry 8900!...and ill have to say that the 8900 is the best ive ever had!
    03-20-09 12:16 PM
  6. illxpanda's Avatar
    Dunno if you'd consider it a smartphone, but my back-up to my 8310 is a Nokia n82. Before the 8310, I had a plethora of smartphones(iphone, HP ipaq hw6945, Samsung i730, Blackjack II, list goes on and on), and by far, the 8310 is still the winner. The iphone came close, but a touchscreen wasn't suiting my huge fingers anymore.
    03-20-09 02:46 PM
  7. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    First things first: Ginya and Bartender, how are you both. Missed
    you two.

    Now, on topic. I just ditched every single BB (296 of them) in use
    by the Town I work for and replaced them with 3 different Nokia
    devices. Almost everyone is much happier. I am using the E71 for
    work and it is astounding how much better a device it is.
    03-20-09 10:39 PM
  8. bdizzel1982's Avatar
    i started with the ppc6700 then went to the mogul then went to the touch and then back to the mogul and then from there to a 8830WE which is when i fell in love with bb's and from there upgraded to my curve
    03-25-09 12:55 PM
  9. honeypop's Avatar
    I tried using an iPhone 3G a while ago, myself. I couldn't stand more than a week with it, @[email protected]
    03-25-09 01:29 PM