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    I'm interested in selling some dvd's through Amazon.com, to reach more people on a global base (I have my own webshop at BUDO GALA ).

    Thing is, on their website ( Selling on Amazon: No per-item listing fees when you Sell on Amazon ) it says I need to pay a $0.99 fee for every item sold.
    On top of that they ask for a refferal fee... what does that mean and how much is that?
    Is this all, or are there any other hidden fees on top of that?
    Personally, for me it's no big deal, as I will include this in the price of course...
    * But of course I need to be sure about all these fees, before I set up my account.

    And what about setting up a pro selling account, is it $39.99 per month?
    (no hidden fees, except for the referral fee?)

    Any help would be appreciated!
    09-14-11 04:29 PM
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    I don't use a pro seller account, but I sell all my law books on Amazon after each semester.
    They take about 15% of the sale price.

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    09-14-11 11:09 PM