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    Ok, I'm getting married in June and lately my fiancee and I have been looking around for a place to go for our honeymoon. We were originally thinking of an all inclusive place. I've looked all over the internet. I've found a few but I thought I'd ask for some opinions. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
    01-21-09 07:29 PM
  2. Rizzleman716's Avatar
    The Poconos.. I think that's how we spell it
    01-21-09 07:59 PM
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    The Poconos.. I think that's how we spell it
    wow, that place is awesome, especially the 7 ft champagne glass bath! I think I might take her their for valentines day
    01-21-09 08:48 PM
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    Adventures by Disney is something I am planning on doing soon. Just because its Disney doesn't mean there are a bunch of rug rats running around- it is along the same lines as the all inclusive resorts but you get the opportunity to visit some great places.

    Adventures by Disney

    PS- Since I am getting BBM messages "ha ha I can't believe you posted that" let me say that you need to go to the site. Yes its Disney but there aren't any fuzzy characters or princess' running around. Its worth a look
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    01-21-09 09:02 PM
  5. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    All Inclusive?

    Try Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, They Have All Inclusive Everything. And they normally have their own private beach.

    Turks and Caicos is pretty amazing too- So is Antigua.
    01-21-09 10:06 PM
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    Aruba...its beautiful and weather is always great. Check out Occidental Grand Aruba. All inclusive too. Go to Tripadvisor.com for reviews on just about anywhere.

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    01-21-09 10:20 PM
  7. Rizzleman716's Avatar
    I'm not sure about all inclusive. But the Poconos was the 1st place to mind. I know its very romantic and a lot of outside activities to do. Such as horse back riding and what not worth a look. But yeah it would work for valentines day

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    01-21-09 10:46 PM
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    I guess it depends on what your budget is. I mean, you can go places like Vegas and such for cheaper. Or a lot of resorts in Mexico are all-inclusive.
    01-22-09 01:17 PM