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    I am...well artistically challenged. I have an idea for my tattoo but can't draw it out. I was wondering if someone on here would like a crack at it. Now yes I know I could go to the shop and have the tattoo guy draw it out, but I wanted to try here as well. I want it on my right arm from my shoulder down to almost my elbow. I have in mind on the top a jester or evil looking clown reaching down and pulling back skin to reveal the Pittsburgh Steelers logo with black and yellow blood dripping from it. I am hugh steelers fan. I Bleed black and yellow if u didn't get it. Please help me someone if u can or care too.

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    04-12-11 12:56 PM
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    04-12-11 02:39 PM
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    You could go for something like this.....

    BlackBerry Tattoo Gets Noticed! | CrackBerry.com
    LOL well I do love my blackberry...but not that much.

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    04-12-11 02:46 PM
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    i'll give it a try. pm me your email and when i have a couple sketches done i'll scan them and email them to you.
    04-13-11 10:18 AM
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    04-13-11 12:16 PM
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    Thanks. Sent pm.

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    04-13-11 02:04 PM
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    here's a quick sketch i did for a tattoo idea for my cousin. our grandmother was always looking for four leaf clovers and he wanted something to memoralize her and since he's a carpenter this is what i came up with...
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    04-13-11 07:28 PM