1. Reaver68's Avatar
    Just thought everyone would enjoy some iPhone bashing commercials. These are not BlackBerry ads (they are for the Samsung Galaxy phones), but any iPhone bashing is fine by me.

    There are lots of these on youtube... they are hilarious.
    11-06-12 12:29 PM
  2. Double_J75's Avatar
    I've watched those awhile back and I think they are funny. When the guys head exploids because the moved the headphone jack I almost cry.

    My buddy is a huge apple nut, and he gets upset with these. He says if the product is good then advertise it as such, don't need to put down others.

    While he may be right I made sure to show him the old Crapple ads where they compared PCs to macs.

    He didn't respond
    11-06-12 12:43 PM
  3. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Why... Funny.... but we don't need this here. Get what you like & like what you have.
    howarmat likes this.
    11-06-12 01:39 PM
  4. jordandrews90's Avatar
    This is definitely my new favourite From Jimmy Kimmel

    Berry_Pink likes this.
    11-06-12 07:08 PM
  5. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    +1 hilarious
    11-06-12 07:17 PM
  6. Berry_Pink's Avatar
    its not really cool to bash anyone elses phone make but i did find those adverts funny, i also like the 'banned' apple commercials on youtube

    11-06-12 07:37 PM
  7. Rick1313's Avatar
    my father and my sister are drawn to using an iphone 4s and 5.. trust me it sickens me to the core.. why spend so much of money on a piece of when u can get things more than it in half the price... people are so concerned about their standards!
    11-07-12 06:46 AM
  8. aella_12's Avatar
    Lol...I did find those quite funny...

    Never owned an iPhone and never will...why should I conform to what society says we must own to 'look cool'? Where that may not always be the case for everyone...I'm pretty sure it's the concensus of most iUsers.

    My little sister is one that MUST have every iphone as soon as its released, just to be the envy of peers lol...quite ridiculous really when all she does is complain about the product. More broken screens and faults than I care to even type about...

    My brothers and mother are the same...stand by their iPhone regardless of many issues, and generally because..."Anyone who's anyone has one".

    Yah right...I'll steer well clear tyvm lol...loved those vids

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9360 using Tapatalk
    11-07-12 01:41 PM
  9. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    11-11-12 03:37 PM

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