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    Thank you. I realize that it was not written well at all when people started commenting. It is obvious that I did NOT get my point across at ALL. You sir have said it better than anyone, and if you have read the comments after, it's obvious people really don't care. As others have stated. Google has established your pattern. It's keeping your information and letting you know. Others have mentioned about GPS units like Garmin. my Garmin GPS does the same thing that good does. He notices I may be traveling a path I have before and begins to give me traffic updates. The difference is that this information is stored on my GPS device. Not some data server owned by Garmin.

    I am in the process of moving most of my stuff off of Google. Just need to find email storage that will work for my needs. Then I will be free from all there recorded data.

    Maybe I'm a tad more cautious of what information I throw out there. Just because I'm in Japan doesn't mean I'm actually Japanese. I'm a US Citizen. I'm stationed in Japan. But again thank you again ThaSwapMeetPimp. You definitely understood the point I was trying to get across in my poorly typed up post. And I'm glad you understand the frustration with the majority of the Citizens in this country that have no problems giving up their security, privacy, freedoms to our government.

    Just an experience i had when I first hated Google. I have never had any google services installed on my phone ever. I had created a Gmail account LONG ago but I never used it on my phone. I had used my comcast email. Well my brother went google and so I installed gtalk on my blackberry storm so I could communicate with him while I was deployed in the middle east. Well when I moved away and lost my comcast I migrated to gmail. I logged into my gmail account on my PC to figure out how to set up email on my blackberry and what do I see... ALL my phone contacts in my Gmail account. every one of them. With phone numbers, addresses and everything. How is it that Google got this information as I was never asked for it. The only thing I can think of is that the Google Talk app downloaded it all.
    No problem. I have had recent conversations along the same lines with some of these folks and I definitely know how frustrating it can be to smack head first into that wall of complacency. They defend it quite vehemently. It doesn't jive too well with their programming when you point out their choices have consequences that affect other peoples futures.

    I stopped using Google when I read they believed they would/could encompass all expressions of human thought through analysis of our data within the next 15 years (not necessarily from reliable sources, but as I thought about it I could see how Google could foresee that possibility as an effect of their business, whether intentional or not. Though their changes to their privacy policy seems more like an intentional effort). I haven't deleted my email with them, I just haven't accessed it at all, nor do I use their search engine at all, or anything google, for a couple years.

    Keep fighting the good fight. Speak up where no one else will, and do your best to break that wall of complacency down. Be assured there are others who are trying to break it down with you.
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    And CrackBerry rehab? Really? That's kind of offensive that it's been moved here.
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