1. MrSmartyPants's Avatar
    If you watch movies on your blackberry standing in public or shopping etc and you dont understand why you drift off into your movie and people are annoyed

    is that a signall of a problem?

    even if I stand in the sidewalk and my blackberry is more important than people walking by me?
    01-13-09 01:29 AM
  2. truscotsman72's Avatar
    I've had my BB for 5 days and I'm already *****n my family off lol. My son is on the verge of tellin me to shove the blackberry somewhere I don't particularly want to lol

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    01-13-09 04:17 AM
  3. BellaLuna's Avatar
    If they get ****** off, just recommend that they get a berry and that problem will disappear... Worked for me at my house....
    01-13-09 08:04 AM
  4. foubre73's Avatar
    Agreed. They just don't understand!

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    01-13-09 04:31 PM
  5. seaotterlove83's Avatar
    when my bf got his storm I used to yell at him everyday because he was always on the phone. When I wanted to have a serious talk with him I asked him to put the phone down but he just said "I'm a good multi tasker" and continued on playing with his phone. Then for christmas he got me my own storm. Now I understand him.
    01-14-09 01:41 AM