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    []BB8 uses QNX as its core, and runs the current BB7 OS's .jar files on a significantly improved JVM. Initially it will look and feel identical to BB7 save for significant performance enhancements, but over time Blackberry intends to rewrite the OS to native QNX code for increased reliability and flexibiity. BB8 will support all BB7 apps, and is compatible with the BB10 APIs allowing for better cross-platform support.

    It seems that Blackberry intends BB8 to be used solely on low-end handsets with trackpads and keyboards, with no announcement of a touchscreen device. At launch there will be Curve and Pearl models, with plans for a flip phone to follow shortly after. These will initially be for international markets only, but we can expect to eventually see them here on budget carriers.

    What's most surprising is that it appears Blackberry is effectively re-using the Curve 9220 and Pearl 9100 design with equivalent components, which is apparently how they managed to keep the cost of the devices so low ($75 and $65, respectively). Hopefully the efficiency of the QNX RTOS allows these devices to perform significantly better than similar priced Android devices, which suffer from terrible performance and outdated software.

    Overall this is a surprising attempt to slow the hemorrhaging of Blackberry's marketshare, and it's a toss-up as to whether it will actually help or hinder Blackberry's slow climb t recovery.

    Interesting. I miss the Pearl so this is something interesting. I'm not quite sure if I can give up the bigger screen of my Q5 though...
    04-01-14 02:00 PM
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    April Fools?

    Posted via CB10
    04-01-14 02:08 PM
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    You can't believe anything you read on this day

    Posted via CB10
    04-01-14 02:10 PM
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    Busy we are, on this first day of April.
    04-01-14 02:11 PM
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    Thanks.. Speechless.
    04-01-14 02:36 PM

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