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    Well along with me watching 4 new anime per season, I also own a roleplay forum. What you do is take one of your Original Characters and bring them to Kwandrivia, abilities and all. Your account name is your characters name and each new character gets a new account. Kwandrivia is a very casual roleplaying site, meaning if you wanted to come just to have your character fight others, you can very well do so. As opposed to hundreds of other roleplay forums I've seen out there, where they are a site with many different roleplays, Kwandrivia's roleplay is an entire world. Your O.C. can learn new aspects, make friends, gain levels and travel about exploring and stuff.

    Kwandrivia • Portal is the name of it. My username on it is the General

    It's just starting so there's lots of fun to be had
    06-22-13 06:07 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    I'll pull you out of the well as see if anyone wants to join in.... Good luck!
    07-07-13 09:57 PM

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