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    Hey guys, not sure if worth mentioning but i wanted to share this story with you as it provides evidence that amazon is by far the best internet shopping store ever.

    I bought my z30 december 2013 from amazon for 450 euros. No issues until the last few months where the device would just randomly shut down or restart. I tried to reload the os but bb link never let me do that. Whenever i hit "reload device software" it only led my device to restart and that was it. So i coped with this situation for 2,3 months, but today decided to write an email to amazon customer service. I didnt do it for returning it really, i was just hoping that they would repair it or something.

    2 (!) hours after i sent that email i received an answer from amazon asking me for my new adress because i just moved to another town and therefore deactivated the old adress.
    Alright, sent them the new adress and went on studying for my exam i have next week.
    Half an hour later i notice the red bb led flashing indicating a new email. Amazon replied again and told me that a replacement device has been shipped which will arrive on monday. WTF?
    I was told to send back the faulty device and that's it.

    I have never experienced anything quite like it and couldnt really believe my eyes at first when i read that email. Just wow...

    Is this a common thing on amazon?
    Anybody else experienced something like that?
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    11-28-14 04:23 PM
  2. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    That's awezon, mate

    Yep, they value their ratings. And they've now made sure you're never gonna shop elsewhere anymore, for most of the time.

    Digital River pretty much achieved the reverse outcome with their handling of things for a few here on CB... :-(

    ? ? ? Zzzzwipetyped from The Maskport - Zzzzmoqin'.... ? ? ?
    11-29-14 12:43 AM

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