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    So I was going through the mall and decided to browse through the Carrier stores just to take a look at the new devices. After holding the EVO and Droid X I realized just how big these things were in my hand (and I personally don't like how the Droid X looks and before you go bashing me on that its just a personal opinion. The back completely turns me off). I want something that will fit comfortably in my pocket and although they are thin, they are very wide and tall. In just a few years I could carry my iPad to my ear talking through it and it will be acceptable size. (Sarcasm at its greatest but that's what it feels like).

    Wasn't it just a couple of years ago they were trying to get these things as small as possible? A big screen is nice but I would rather watch movies, tv and all that jazz at home on my flat screen with surround sound.

    Am I alone in not liking how big these things are getting? And its not a rant just personal opinion because I'm a firm believer in to each his own.

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    07-22-10 05:08 PM
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    I'm not liking the size of the Droid X or EVO. I do like the size of the incredible and iphone. But those are close in size to the 9700 which I obviously like since I own one. I prefer something that fits easily in the pocket as well.
    07-22-10 05:14 PM
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    I also don't like the size of them, once you put a protection case on them they are huge, hard to get in the pocket and every thing.

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    07-22-10 08:19 PM
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    I'm not so sure. They're "bigger" I suppose as compared many last-gen smart phones - but still considerably smaller/lighter than previous devices leading up to true "smart phone devices". Remember the Apple Newton PDA? That wasn't even capable of being used as a phone, and it was gigantic. Same with a lot of the older Palm devices and that LG EvVY first-gen BRICK. Huge, unwieldy - haha, good luck sticking that in your pocket.

    No, I think the current sizes are ok - given that people expect their current generation smartphone to do a lot more than just make and take phone calls, have a calendar function and a business memo organizer and handle email... People want a screen big enough to do full-fledged web surfing with and play back MOVIES and TV.
    That's asking a lot from a consumer product that's still supposed to be portable and pack enough electronics inside of it to do a host of other things reliably.

    That said, there is a certain level of dimishing returns on most anything - I'm sure they COULD put out a smartphone with a 6 inch diagonal screen if they WANTED to... But seriously, that'd really be a kick in the pants towards portability. Maybe someday they'll have those high definition film displays you can just "unroll" out from the side of your phone for an instant bigger screen like out of a science fiction movie - but until then I guess we're stuck with what manufacturers consider a acceptable size for a plate of glass to be, on a mobile device. If people are demanding larger displays with higher resolutions for use in websurfing and pounding out text messages on a virtual keyboard, then that's what the industry is going to lean towards.
    Personally, I don't mind the larger displays - I just wish there were more options for devices that had physical keypads I could use in portrait mode, out there. I can't STAND virtual keyboards. I can hammer out a small novel that doesn't require multiple corrections in jig-time with physical keys. Touchscreen keypad? Forget it. And believe me, I've tried them all.

    Anyhoo, those are my thoughts.

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    07-23-10 03:52 AM
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    I think that the 3.7 inch screen on the Droid Incredible is the perfect size when it comes to screens~imho.

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    07-23-10 04:06 AM
  6. syb0rg's Avatar
    i guess you guys haven't seen Dell's 5 inch screen cell phone.
    07-23-10 10:18 AM
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    The EVO is incredibly impressive, however I feel like I am carrying a brick inside my pocket.

    When I use it I look like Zach Morris.
    07-24-10 03:41 AM