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    I'm not sure about the United States airline policies, but here in the UK, they seems to try and make it up as they go along. When I flew with Flybe from LGW to BHD, I had my camera at the ready to film the takeoff. It was a Canadian Bombardier Dash-8 and it was my first flight in one. One of the flight attendants sternly told me that NO electronic devices should be on at this time. I argued back, saying that British Airways and Malaysia Airlines both told me that I was allowed to film anything I wanted, apart from others without their consent of course. She replied with the most absurd answer I have ever heard: It's highly likely that it could interfere with communications within the aircraft. I knew this wasn't true, as my mother's brother flies his own private jet and was once on his phone while taxiing. No communication errors between ATC occured. Also, the Mythbusters conducted a similar test. Phones did not hinder a private jet's ability to function properly. As someone who avoids arguments, I agreed and turned off my camera. As soon as the Dash-8 turned onto the runway and the pilot told cabin crew to be seated, I quickly turned it back on and started filming the takeoff. She kept looking back over her shoulder and gave a look. No one else seemed to care.

    I don't get it; Ryanair, easyJet, Monarch Airlines and now Flybe don't want filming going on within their aircraft. Ryanair's excuse was because it could be linked to terrorism. Look, when the London bombing attacks took place, of course everyone was in shock. The next days after the event, people were still commuting to work on the same Underground lines, bus routes etc. It's as if it blew away within days. The point is, I follow the Federal Aviation Authority's laws, not some crappy budget airline's instructions on what they THINK is correct. If anyone else has been a victim of being told to switch off an electronic device (apart from a phone sending and receiving signal) then they are wrong.

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