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    Ok I live with my fiance and his family. His mom's boyfriend is a druggie but hasn't done them in awhile. No matter what you say or do he thinks your being an a**hole to him. We just had a screaming match like we do everyday. No one wants him here but we cant get him off the lease and me and my fiance don't have money yet to move out. We are trying though our hardest. So he kept coming in my room. He was saying everything he can to get me pissed, so I finally told him get out. I locked the door since I was changing and he tried to come in and he told me hes allowed in any room he wants. Now he said he will call cops to get me kicked out. So I locked myself in the room again. Meanwhile he doesnt pay any bills and my fiance mom is really the only person that can kick me out. I'm shaking right now in anger trying to keep my cool because I want to punch him in his face. Oh and he keeps the heat on 70 meanwhile right now in LI its in the 50'S no need for the heat to be on 70 specially because he doesn't pay bills. How do I go about this with him? I'm not the type person to be quiet and I feel my adrenaline kicking in... What if he wants to come in, my door is locked so if and when what do I say i know he will try in a little bit. Help Please!!! I'm smoking a cigarette to calm down but it isnt really working.
    04-07-11 04:02 PM
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    ok so 17 views guess no one wants to give me advice, it's okay I guess I just needed to vent more then anything.
    04-07-11 05:02 PM
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    The best thing that I can see is for you and your fiance to get your own place ASAP. It's your future mother inlaw's place, and its up to her if he stays. As far as him coming into your room, that's bull**** but I don't know how to force him not to. You guys just need to get out of there.

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    04-07-11 07:26 PM
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    I agree, now I lock myself in my room and she doesn't want him here bc he is on the lease. But thank you

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    04-07-11 11:07 PM
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    Get your own place ASAP.

    In the mean time, punching him in the face can't hurt, especially if he's trying to come into your room while you're changing. You could call the police... but I that could cause an awkward situation if you live with him and can't afford to move out!

    Best solution, get your own place ASAP.
    04-07-11 11:33 PM
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    Lol allready called police once before and I threatened him since he grabbed my arm once. I told him that be last thing he ever does. I know we need to I'm currently unemployed looking for a job. Its had the economy sucks big time.

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    04-07-11 11:37 PM
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    Buy a handgun? Common, I know they're cheap in the US
    04-07-11 11:41 PM
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    Haha I don't wanna get arrested. But he could use a good a** beaten.

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    04-07-11 11:45 PM
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    It's "moms" house. She owns it and says who can and cannot be there. If she allows the dirtbag to stay and to harass you then you have little recourse. Now, if he touches you against your will in many states that can be considered assault. I don't know if I'd enjoy a lifetime of a mother-in-law like that...

    Seems like mom is the in charge person here, but like so many places... the leadership is absent or greatly lacking.
    04-08-11 07:27 AM
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    being on the lease has nothing to do with anything. he can be evicted especially if he comes into your room while you're changing. that's sexual harassment in any state. and if he lays a finger on you that's assault. you're future mom inlaw can get him taken off the lease anytime she wants. don't let him pull that cr@p on you. he sounds like a perv and you need to take steps to protect yourself from him when you're alone there with him.
    04-08-11 07:59 AM
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    trucky- She doesn't talk to him and she tries to get him out but our landlord is old and doesn't understand much English. Well she talks it but understands greek better. Anyways my mother in law hasn't been with this guy in a long time. He is like a leech that doesn't go away. Don't get my wrong my mother in law well future, is an amazing person and is more of a mother then my own mother. This guy we all argue with. He just immature from the drugs.

    highjakker & trucky - believe me if he touches me I will not call the cops, but he will have it coming to him. He will never get away with ever laying a finger on me. He did it when I lowered the heat because it was on 70 like always which there is no need, anyways grabbed my arm to pull me away it was harmless but I told him that would be the last thing he ever does.

    Thanks guys pretty much I know all this I think it more helped that I vented, It made me feel better. Ill update on here if anything else happens. Once again I'm home with him and all ready this morning in last hour I got asked if I have cigarettes maybe about 100 times and had to lower the heat 20 times. Also have my fiances sick nephew im watching which has a fever so im trying keep the heat low but he doesnt understand. lol
    04-08-11 11:11 AM
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    Oh and right after I posted, of course he comes in here and annoys me!!!!! I need a job so I'm not around him anymore because everyday I get more and more annoyed, and anything little that he does sets me off. This economy needs to get friggen better ughh...

    Highjakker - i pmed u
    04-08-11 11:26 AM
  13. pixel8rberry's Avatar
    Where is your fiance in all of this?
    04-08-11 11:34 AM
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    Work!!! I told him what happened, but I hate doing this because hes protective of me and will start a fight with him, and this guy is an a**hole which will call cops on my fiance.
    04-08-11 11:39 AM
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    Yeah, you have to be careful about that. Cheer up, you are a woman, you are born with a special skill of knowing how to make life **** for a man if you wanted to. Be smarter.
    04-08-11 11:47 AM
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    Haha I don't take s**t from him. I just have to control myself so i dont get arrested.
    04-08-11 11:50 AM
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    Well if the mother and he are on the lease together it's up to her if she wAnts him out or not and it's reallynot that easy just to get him out. If she does just everybody make his life misable.
    Don't give him cigarettes , don't feed him.... Nothing.

    The first time he even makes the smallest threat then file a freaking protection order and then the cops have to keep him out. They are cheap and if you don't have the money they wave the fee!

    I don't in anyway condone faking protection orders... But laying hands on Or verbal threats to harm you are not fake.

    Most of all..... You need to keep your cool
    04-08-11 07:21 PM
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    thanks yeah trust me I wouldn't we tried all that didn't work. Were gettin out soon. If he ever layed a finger on me he would be done between my dad and fianc it would be bad. Also I don't give him cigs he takes our clips which is gross. He just annoyin disgustin person

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    04-08-11 07:34 PM
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    Oh my god here he goes again.. This guy never gives up.... Well at least its beautiful outside so I can leave house and get away from him....
    04-11-11 12:46 PM
  20. highjakker's Avatar
    start tossing the buttss in the toilet. let him smoke those!
    04-11-11 01:56 PM
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    Lmfao.... he prob would take them hes gross.. I gave him four cigarettes and now he better leave me alone, or I'll bug!!!! Hopefully I find something to do in a little bit since its so nice here.
    04-11-11 01:58 PM
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    Oh my god here he goes again.. This guy never gives up.... Well at least its beautiful outside so I can leave house and get away from him....
    Amanda, Amanda, Amanda,

    The guy does this to get a reaction out of you and he also knows by now, you won't do anything more than make noises with your mouth. He does this game when you are home alone, and if he gets away with it with your BF and his mom there, then you need to leave, with or without the BF, and I mean you need to be gone last week. I don't care about the economy, you not having a job, etc.

    Here is what you do. Take future mom in law to the cops with you. Make a complaint and have her explain the living arrangements, so they don't get the idea when they show that he has any more claim to the rental than the toilet does. If he ever sticks a toe into your room again, call the cops. If he touches you, calls the cops, if he makes threats of harming you, call the cops, if he so much as moves a tooth pick that you bought, and puts it in his mouth that's stealing, call the F'ing cops! (see the theme here?)

    If you need back up, just have the BF and your brother/Dad talk to the SOB, in the way that men are able to understand what's what. We can get ideas over without fighting, yelling or causing a fuss, we just lay it out. One more complaint for Amanda about you coming in her room for any reason, when she has told you to say out, and you will be getting a visit from us, and you will be sleeping in a shelter, after you get out of the hospital. He will be asked at least 3 times if he understands plain simple english, and when he says yes, they will pat him on the head and say, We understand each other, and Amanda won't have to use the baseball bat, and the doctors won't have to yank it out of your ***-end when we drop you off at the ER.

    As for future mom in law, if he's as you say, not paying any bills or rent, she can have him removed from the lease at any time. And he can be put out from non payment at any time as well. But that's really something she needs to deal with. And she can get a Greek translator to talk to the landlord so that she understands what is going on.

    No more hiding in the room. No more trembling because you don't want to be near him, for fear you might go to jail, just let him know in no uncertain terms, what the deal from here on out is going to be. And if you'd like, have the cops there when it's being explained to him.

    I've never been a woman, but I know a fair number of no nonsense females, that when they say X=Y and Z will happen after that, you don't put it to the test.
    04-12-11 04:08 AM
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    First its my Fianc not BF - sorry habbit correcting people and he only grabbed my arm once after I threatened him he never touched me again. He knows better. I told him that be the last thing he ever will do if he lays a finger on me again. And he is just all talk to, this is me venting in here and my fiances mom was here, she stuck up for me. He just really annoyin and just keeps going with his mouth. I'm trying be a good person and not knock him out. But with his mouth always yapping I want to punch his face in, that's why I come to here vent so I don't other wise I'm going jail. Lol well thanks though, if it got to point he stole, touched something like that screw cops, ill take care of him my fianc won't let that happen or my dad. So between me my dad and fianc its handled lol. thank you lots

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    04-12-11 06:43 AM