11-05-10 10:51 AM
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    And for the people talking about ricers, not all imports sounds like a weedwacker. Again it goes to who does the car.

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    Winner... on my Jetta i have a Manifold back Magnaflow Exhaust system, 2 1/4" piping to muffler with twin 2 1/2" exiting pipes to 2 3/4" tips and "pissed of hornet" is the furthest thing from the sound of my car... or a if you've ever heard a Scooby with exhaust on it, good exhaust, it's a deep low grumble that the pushrod oilburners from yesteryears cannot even produce.
    09-16-10 08:42 AM
  2. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    When I got my first car, it seemed like at every stoplight I'd get harassed to H-E-double-hockey-stick for a race.

    I hated it, especially when it was a weedwacking rice burner with a ballsack hanging from the back.

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    09-16-10 08:42 AM
  3. syb0rg's Avatar
    Car and Driver August 2010

    2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. (GVW 3751 pounds / 550BHP @ 6.2K) - their TOP of the line sports car
    quarter mile 12.4secs @ 117mph

    Audi A6 3.0T Quattro - (GVW 4160 /300BHP @ 5.1K) 4 door family sedan
    quarter mile 14.1secs @ 100MPH

    BMW 535i (GVW 4094 / 300BHP @5.8K ) 4 door family sedan
    quarter mile 14.0secs @ 100MPH

    Infiniti M37 (GVW 3993 / 330 @7k) 2 door sports coupe
    quarter mile 14.0sec @ 101MPH

    now if you want to up the ante and go a Porsche's top of the line "factory car", since the Shelby is factory....

    Porsche Panamera Turbo (GVW 4521Pounds / 500BHP @ 6k) - 4 door sports cars
    Quarter Mile 11.9 @ 117MPH.

    yea, those American Muscle cars really make me want to go out in buy one, and under weight over powered coupe is 2 seconds faster in a quarter mile than 4 door luxury sedan that weighs 300lbs more than the "coupe"...

    goofy Americans / and i am one / do not know automobiles like the EU does when it comes to performance....
    09-16-10 09:04 AM
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    Wow, interesting read indeed... Take the Subaru, you can do a couple small things to it to make it look a little nicer, and have a good reliable driver, and pocket the rest. Tint the windows, buy some nicer wheels, have it professionally detailed, stereo upgrade, and you'll be rolling clean.

    And for the record, I will take a giant, 8 cyl, iron block, 2 valve, OHV, carbuerated hunk of oil burning, rear drive, stinky classic American muscle all day long over a 1.6 DOHC 16 valve, turbo import. Just my personal preference if given the choice...

    Now I'm going jump into my DOHC 4.0 V6 Nissan Frontier and go to lunch... Don't judge!
    Don't really like old American Muscles (save the Mustang).
    But you read my mind - get the Subaru and do some nice stuff (pics soon )

    All said, its temporary; after a year i'm getting a new car!
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    10-12-10 12:52 PM
  5. gregerator's Avatar
    Had a 93 just like it. Loved it! Reliable, roomy, practical. It may not get the looks, but it will get the job done. I'd take it. IF you're wondering why I don't have mine anymore, I stupidly wrecked it. Twice. I now drive a 99 Forester. Just as reliable, roomier, and still practical. Still doesn't get the looks.
    10-20-10 01:18 AM
  6. Rootbrian's Avatar
    As long as a car runs great and has no problems at all, it doesn't matter how old it is. Just being glad you actually have one should be more important. I don't care about looks either, nor will I even fall prey to marketing tactics to "BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY".

    PS. I own a bike, I love it.

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    10-20-10 02:03 AM
  7. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Bike? You my friend need a longboard

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    10-20-10 02:04 AM
  8. jlb21's Avatar
    I say instead of the suburu, you get one of these:

    10-20-10 09:47 AM
  9. WhoolioPreludee's Avatar
    Well, it DOES qualify as a "green" car hehehehehe. Still cars that run on vegi-oil are pretty cool in my book. (Sans astro-turf if course)

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    10-20-10 02:56 PM
  10. jlb21's Avatar
    I guess anything driven by this duo would qualify as green too......tee heeeeee

    10-21-10 07:52 AM
  11. highjakker's Avatar
    the original mobile phone
    10-21-10 07:57 AM
  12. Insomniac34's Avatar
    If you know it's been well-maintained and runs great, take it! No car payment? Absolutely! Subarus are great and can run for a long time. Good luck in your decision!
    10-21-10 10:40 AM
  13. highjakker's Avatar
    10-26-10 03:42 PM
  14. WhoolioPreludee's Avatar
    Now that's a shame. Such an eyesore next to that beautiful piece of work (the Nissan Skyline next to it)

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    10-26-10 06:00 PM
  15. trucky's Avatar
    Gotta luv a good speaker setup...

    10-27-10 07:23 AM
  16. jlb21's Avatar
    a truck is always good too:

    10-27-10 11:41 AM
  17. trucky's Avatar
    or a motorcycle... notice the custom fitted headrest(s).

    10-28-10 06:11 AM
  18. iBalushi's Avatar

    Refer to first post
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    11-05-10 05:40 AM
  19. WhoolioPreludee's Avatar
    Wonder if you could had gotten an ej22 or 25 for that ammount.

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    11-05-10 07:07 AM
  20. rearview's Avatar
    Subaru makes solid cars. It looks like you have done well.
    11-05-10 10:51 AM
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