10-12-15 04:46 AM
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    Does anyone else not believe the official 9/11 story? I have watched so many YouTube conspiracy theories that I am completely convinced that a plane did not hit the pentagon, and that there was some other source of an explosion in the towers. So frustrating not knowing what really happened, and what is true/nottrue!

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    09-13-13 05:43 PM
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    HE SAID YESTRDAY, ON THE 11TH, THEREFORE HE WAS TALKIN ABOUT THE 10TH. Get it through your head and stop trying to make up reasons to try and make yourself look like some sort of smart guy... the discussion on September 11th was relatively over, then he asked about the 10th. Okay?

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    The title and the OP says 9/11. OP also said 12 YEARS AGO. (someone even posted a pic) That's all I'm saying. End of discussion. You have to be very very ignorant to not have heard about 9/11. Not only that, that meant he somehow not understood or read all the posts before him talking about it. Leading me to believe he cracked a joke on it. People died. People. With family. Children. Parents. He better not have joked about it. He better be extremely ignorant and didn't read all the other posts.

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    09-13-13 05:49 PM
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    The only conspiracy theory I would of believed is how the tower went went down after the plane hit. The tower fell after straight down like a bomb went off in the ground floors and the conspiracy theorists try to explain how that's not possible at all the way the plan hit it and the way the building was made

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    09-13-13 06:20 PM
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    Wow I still remember when it happens, I was in class and we stopped the class and they brought tvs in class room to show it and took a minute of silence. And the principal announced what happen in the microphone

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    09-14-13 12:48 PM
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    In Syria more than 83.000 death mostly civilian casualties more than 100.000 estimated by the UN. But who cares toxic gas probably isn't that bad anyway and not enough oil in this complex area.

    My thoughts do go out to the once left behind and the firefighter struggle with cancer aspestos lung disease.

    Have an honorable 9/11 memorial day - take care of your loved ones.
    Erm........... I'm sorry if I have taking this the wrong way ,but are you saying that it's just one of those thinggs ?? , your comparing other world issues ? Are you serious .... Get some respect !! And care full howvyouve worded the last bit as it sounded quite threatening after all that first ?? @just saying ...

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    10-12-15 04:46 AM
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