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    How's it going guys. I'm car shopping right now and its come down to an 02 Passat with 96K miles for 6995 or an 04 Malibu with 92K miles for 7495. I've already gotten them to go down to 6395 on the Passat and 6995 on the Malibu and I'm pretty sure I can get them to go a little lower on the Malibu. Which would you guys pick/not pick and why? All replies are appreciated because I might be making a decision by TODAY. Thanks

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    i would go for the passat. german cars are pretty good. but with the high miles you would be looking into repairs in the future. the good thing with the malibu is that parts on an american car are pretty cheap and everybody knows how to work on them. i personally would go for a honda or toyota but thats imo. good luck
    03-26-09 09:11 AM
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    Yea, that's my primary concern/worry with the Passat is maintenance, and since it's foreign....expensive maintenance. Yea I already know about Toyotas, driving a 1995 Camry SE now....but I gotta give it up .........Anyone else got any input?
    03-26-09 11:45 AM
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    Passat... more relilable than a Chevy.
    03-26-09 11:58 AM
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    Passat... more relilable than a Chevy.
    says the guy with the Cadillac avatar!

    But seriously just about anything is more reliable than a Chevy. Only setback I see with the Passat is the cost of repairs. The engine bays are soooo tight it's ridiculous trying to work on them.

    But as reliability goes I would go with the VW.
    03-26-09 02:24 PM
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    Cosmetically.. the Passat (VW's are horrible for electrical problems!!)
    Reliability.. Malibu
    03-26-09 02:30 PM
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    I used to have an '04 Audi A4...overall that car was the same build/quality as; say...a Passat is. The car looked great, performed great...however it is STILL technology on wheels when it's all said and done. Technology will ultimately (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) fail.

    Just as the Audi wasn't; a VW won't be cheap to maintain and fix when need be. However the manner in which you can tweak/upgrade an Audi/VW's performance is unparalleled to a Chevy of course. A $500 or so engine-flash chip for the Audi gave me an added 60 horses. I'm not saying that's necessarily a financially-friendly upgrade and horsepower to cost-ratio...but the quality of performance is tremendous.

    Reliability: Passat > Malibu
    Resale Value: Passat > Malibu
    Quality: Passat > Malibu
    Cost of car care: Malibu > Passat

    Plus; you'll have a higher percentage chance of taking-in the Malibu to get fixed more often than you do the Passat. Although; that may be moot since the cost to fix multiple things on the Malibu may be the same as fixing one thing on the Passat (I'm speaking GENERALLY of course; not all problems are equal in seriousness).
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    I would double check for the 2004, but I remember that the 2002 and 2003 Malibu's had some serious brake issues that were never recalled.

    Whatever you do, take it to an independent mechanic and let them look it over. It usually cost $100 and is worth every penny. The last used (sorry, I mean pre-owned) car I was looking at the mechanic found $1400 worth of repairs that were going to be needed. Saved me a bunch of money and headaches in the long run.
    03-26-09 03:45 PM
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    From a paint and body expert german cars esp. Vw/audi are built incredibly 'tight' meaning the factory variances (btwn comparable measurement places) are very very small. I-car says there is a 3mm difference u are allowed to be within factory specs and these cars are usually 2 and under. I own a 98 malibu and its a decent car (esp. For 1500 bucks lol) the total build quality on a vw is far superior. U may have more smaller problems with the malibu over time but the problems with a vw will be costly ( even an oil change to flash the light off is probably 80 bucks lol) it just depends if u wanna pay the difference over time when something does happen. I believe those malibus have a 3800v6 which is not built as durable as the 3100 but its not a terrible engine either. Transmissions are normally decent in gm vehicles (bmw even used them in their older 318ti, I wouldn't have believed it either if I didn't see it when it came out of the car lol) if you do go with the malibu, asap drain the orange crap dexcool out and flush sytem and refill with a green kind(almost all 'green kinds' are compatible with dexcool) reason being the model I have and my cousins 01 both had to have the intake gaskets replased because the orange dexcool eats the seals and causes them to leak...I would hope by 04 they would have addressed this problem but just incase I would change it.
    03-27-09 01:03 AM
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    Thanks for the input guys. I closed on the Malibu yesterday. Worked the guy down from a sticker of 7495 to 6500. I also got the 36,000 mile warranty for 1500 down from 1900. Negotiations took about 4 hours but saved me 1400 dollars, so well worth it. Little did the guy know, i'm a former sales manager lol. I'm absolutely loving the Malibu thus far, such a smooth ride. I think the final factor for me was going on autos.msn.com and comparing the reviews of the Passat and the Malibu. Reviews for the Malibu were much more positive. Countless people complained about Maintencance on the Passat, and I just don't have that type of income yet to be able to afford expensive repairs on the fly like that. The Malibu had an average user rating of 9.1 compared to 8.0 for the Passat. Hopefully my first car will be a good one. Thanks again
    03-27-09 07:33 PM