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    12-15-11 01:02 PM
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    Wow that is one angry looking little girl. Hopefully Santa throws a chunk of coal at her head.
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    12-15-11 01:05 PM
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    12-15-11 01:06 PM
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    Overall, at least it's somewhat good to hear that there are people that still want BlackBerrys
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    12-15-11 01:21 PM
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    Makes you proud to be british...
    12-15-11 01:45 PM
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    Let her go to the north pole, no loss of life but hers...........I hear it is damn cold up there.

    Ok, I posted and then read the article. It is not the kid that is the problem as it seems she is acting as allowed to by her mom. As mom is going to get her everything she can, seems that bad parenting is efficient at creating brats.
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    12-15-11 01:55 PM
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    Did you all read the story. Wow! Some great parenting going on there. that child is destined for failure or a life of occupy ______.

    But her mother Tracey, 40, is not punishing her for the letter and has vowed to meet her daughter's demands saying: 'You don't want to get on the wrong side of Mekeeda.'
    She said: 'When I first found the letter I thought it was funny, now I think I better get her what she wants, the last thing I want is for her to kill Santa.

    Santa, look away! The demanding note threatens to kill Father Christmas and cook his beloved reindeer
    'I know it sounds like she is spoilt but I like to get my daughter what she wants also you don't want to get on the wrong side of her.'
    And Mekeeda doesn't seem to have any problem with being put on Father Christmas' naughty list.
    The Year Nine pupil said: 'I was angry because I thought I wasn't going to get all the presents I wanted this year. Even though my mum found the note I still think I will get most of the things I want.
    'I don't see any problem with the letter, I want all of these things and I don't see why I shouldn't get them.'
    And stay-at-home mother Tracey says she will endeavour to deliver all the presents, even though she suspects Mekeeda will lose the Blackberry.
    She said: 'I would fly over Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber, but I guess they will be busy with their own families on Xmas day
    12-15-11 02:10 PM
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    From Santa:

    Dear Keedy, judging from your letter, you sound like a turbo cu*nt. I'm giving you till tomorrow to change you attitude or I will use my christmas powers to make sure you grow up to be a 15 year old prostitute allowing strangers to burn her with cigarets for a few dollars to buy her next fix. Further, Santa's compound in the north pole has the latest and greatest in high tech security so if you plan on mountin an assault against myself and the reindeer, I have only one thing to say to you. BRING IT you little T*wat!

    Toy Making is what Santa uses to keep the governments of his back. Our real funding comes from our R&D for weapons and defense contracts.

    Sincerely, Father Christmas.

    PS you're parents should have beat you as a child so you wouldn't be sucha spoiled little B*tch.
    12-15-11 02:39 PM
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    She needs to spend a few months serving food to the homeless while she stays at a shelter! yup, coal and a sack of onions!

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    12-15-11 03:00 PM
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    This is why some people shouldn't become parents. Who is the adult in that household? Obviously not Mom! This girl's name should be Veruca Salt!
    12-15-11 03:06 PM
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    I vote to beat the thirteen year old girl to death using the BlackBerry smartphone that she might have receive if she had refrained from behaving like a spoiled brat. She needs to be sold into bondage and learn the meaning of humility and respect. Failing that just burn her at the stake like the evil woman she will inevitably grow to be in a few years.
    12-15-11 05:18 PM
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    Another example of why non-asian parents need to beat their kids more often
    12-15-11 05:46 PM
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    H0 H0 WHOA!

    If I were Santa, I would just get her a Blackberry. Maybe a Curve or something older. That would punish her. Give her the battery pulls and spinning hourglass this Christmas. That'll show her!
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    12-15-11 07:58 PM
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    That girl doesn't need jack for xmas and possibly some severe punishment. That wouldn't fly in my house when I was growing up. She needs a reality check and whats with the cane behind her in the pic?
    12-16-11 07:33 AM