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    Texting on MP02 and other button phones with T9.

    T9 is for texting with one hand on buttons 1-9. T9 is still around. There may be smartphone apps that support it for people who have difficulty with the tiny pads on virtual keyboards. T9 is needed for minimalist or economy phones.

    The Punkt PDF manual page 30 gives a good overview of it's T9. I extend that here with practical examples.

    T9 has three edit modes that are selected with the '#' button. predictive, multitap, and digits. If only a few digits are need you can long-press them, you don't need to change mode from text. The PDF advises to memorize the button layout and not look it after. But I don't think that is good for Predictive mode.

    Start a Note in Predictive mode. Enter "Go ahead Punkt!" Watch the bottom row carefully. It presents a list of letters or words. Use the up/down buttons to change the selection. The selection is inserted in the text when the next button is pressed.

    The dictionary or database/DB of my phone did not have the word "ahead" so I had to switch to abc-multitap to enter it. Repeat the "Go ahead Punkt!" several times to see that the typing gets easier.

    If you want to start the next phrase on a new line you must space to the end of the current line and press a letter. It will word-wrap to the next line.

    Next enter "Make my day!" Use the same process.

    You can try other sentences like: "Sent from my Punkt!" Always end with punctuation so that the next line starts with a capital.

    I found the word "naughty" is not accepted into the DB. You must type it in multitap.
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