1. Jake2826's Avatar
    If anyone receives it, please post you findings.Looks like a software update release for the MP02 is imminent-notable-00038.jpeg
    02-06-19 04:20 PM
  2. devdrop's Avatar
    Received it today in the UK. Couldn't get it at first until I noticed you have to be on Wifi. Some issues fixed and some aren't.

    Found a little bit of an explanation on the battery issue here.

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    02-07-19 09:03 PM
  3. sammysang86's Avatar
    Yes I also received today also here in nairobi - east Africa and it’s cool software update though I want to test battery performance the all day today
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    02-07-19 09:23 PM
  4. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Actual changelog

    Software Release v01.02.0051


    APN network settings: it is now possible to edit “authentication type”.
    Text messaging: the New message contact in New Message Shortcut now correctly displays the message recipient’s name
    Text messaging: it is now possible to use the ‘use content’ option to save the contact information of a text message sender to Contacts.
    UI language: a significant amount of UI language corrections have been made in this software release – others are still being worked on.
    Manual setting of date/time in German has been fixed.
    The Note reminder notification that remained on even when the phone was in standby has been fixed.
    Various bugs related to random speed and call dialling.

    Partial fixes:

    Battery life: there has been a moderate improvement in battery life issues. This is a priority issue for all future software updates.
    Text messaging: there is a stability increase in the message feature crash occurring in random text input.
    In Italian, the tethering on/off switch in the rapid-access Status menu (reached by pressing the Up arrow) has been fixed for connection via Wi-Fi, but not yet for USB and Bluetooth tethering. As a workaround the tethering on/off switch in the Connectivity menu can be used for all tethering connection options (reached by pressing the Punkt button, and then Settings).
    UI text change in Alarm settings for the majority of supported languages.
    UI language corrections in most mis‑spelt country names.
    Improvements in the Call History issue which was calling the last person listed instead of the selected contact.

    Known issues not fixed in this update:

    We are working towards fixing these with the next MP02 software update.

    Silent mode not staying on
    Notification screen not displaying received notifications
    Tethering password auto-resetting
    Vibration function not working
    User-defined dictionary and predictive text issues
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    02-11-19 01:58 PM
  5. c29's Avatar
    Nothing since February in firmware updates and the usability is decreasing by the day. Battery life is down to less than a day, text msgs are not showing the correct sender and nothing about any more updates on the Punkt websites.
    The Feb firmware was only able to ne installed if I connected to an iPhone hotpsot, would not connect to a DLink, Cisco, Cisco Merkai, Netgear or Billion wireless access point.
    For the money I seriously wouldn't bother - go out and grab a retro 4G Nokia like I have had to do.
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    05-06-19 01:03 AM
  6. hazmaju's Avatar
    So you got Punked essentially! I was at a point of buying one but some of reading here deterred me from that idea... too bad but for the price of the phone, it has to work flawlessly!

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-19 02:45 AM

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