06-07-19 02:03 AM
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    not when it is so hard to send a text message via it's 'predictive abc' alphabet. half the time it doesn't even get close to what you want to text and the battery life is shocking. I moved out user back to a simplified older model iPhone that only has Talk and text enabled for less than half the price of this handset. the support has been so mediocre I wouldn't even bother. To be told to reset the handset to factory default whenever it's got a problem - fine if it's got a decent method to add the myriad of contacts but it doesn't. Much easier to walk someone through the basics of an iPhone. If an older model smartphone is out of reach look to a retro Nokia with the biggest screen you can find for the elderly (smartphone you can up the font size) Biggest problem they have is that the screen text is too small to read.
    06-07-19 02:03 AM
26 12

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