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  1. Eskibo's Avatar
    Hello out there

    As all of you probably have noticed there is a constant flow of "can I root" or "how to root" etc etc etc.
    I was thinking if perhaps a either a moderator could merge a few relevant threads together and sticky it? Or perhaps a capable user is willing to write something?
    I would do it myself, but truth be told I don't have a lot of time to do so at the moment.
    My idea is to make an umbrella thread describing what can/ cannot be rooted and why, perhaps add references to relevant threads explaining this and that, and sticky the thread for everyone's convenience.
    I can imagine a lot of you guys tire from answering the some questions all the time - what say you?
    11-19-12 03:52 AM
  2. Ben1232's Avatar
    Great idea op but some people don't use the search bar. The latest duplicated thread is 'my bbm / app world icon has disappeared'.
    11-19-12 04:31 AM
  3. Eskibo's Avatar
    Great idea op but some people don't use the search bar. The latest duplicated thread is 'my bbm / app world icon has disappeared'.
    Thanks, Ben.
    Yea that is my impression too. I'm hoping a sticky written in bold, and with sparkles, would perhaps catch the non-searcher's attention before creating a new thread.
    11-19-12 04:56 AM
  4. WeAreNotAlone's Avatar
    Great idea op but some people don't use the search bar. The latest duplicated thread is 'my bbm / app world icon has disappeared'.
    How can I say this, "Searching" certainly has it's place on minor issues. On a process such as ROOTING a BRAND new PlayBook in which you only have (1) chance to root it there needs to be a STICKY on the process. "Searching" brings up old posts, with variations upon the process.

    Personally, right now I have (3) PlayBooks I'd like to root, and I only have a day or so to do so. Here in the past few days I was asking how to do so and I was disheartened with how few responses I got.

    It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED if someone who KNOWS the process, someone who has keep up on what the best tools to use would look at this (1) post and respond.... (CONFIRM INFO IS CORRECT and COMPLETE.)

    My concern is A: Over time techniques have changed, and B: Confirming the person who has posted a procedure KNOWS WHAT THE HECK THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    Q: I'm wondering WHY there isn't a STICKY on the process. You only have (1) chance to perform the procedure CORRECTLY.
    Q: I'm wondering WHY all you old timers can't do a write up on the process. Make a sticky and reference people to it.... EDITING it as needed when new procedures change. From the info in the above link... it that info is CORRECT and COMPLETE, No steps are left OUT, it seems to be a simple process.

    PS: Can you still? use DingleBerry to root a unit straight out of the box ?, if so is it the best tool to use? Is this tool working properly?
    (I read something about the servers that had the firmware(OS image?) on are now dead, but you can point app to a image/files.

    Q: Why use CFP app, vs DingleBerry 3.x?

    I'd like to know the LATEST info, really bummed out when I see persons responding to a thread to "do a search" in which if you screw up you don't have a second chance.

    Regarding seeing the How do I root type threads all the time.
    I realize how you old timers feel... you see the same questions over and over again. Try this, think back or imagine all this stuff is new to you and you only have a couple of days (if that) learn everything about this process and you don't know who is talking BS, talking out their rear end vs which posters REALLY know the subject.

    How about some links, posts in the above thread guys? I need to root these phones in the next couple of days.
    Already RUINED PB_#1 received last week.... I was unaware the stupid thing was setup to auto update to a OS revision that wasn't rootable.

    Have (3) I need to get rooted pronto.

    Production date: 2011-06

    Production date: 2011-12

    So, can anyone provide any pointers? Think back to when all of this was new to YOU.

    PS: Oh, Have the mindset that ALL the stores are sold out of the item and it can't be replaced thru vendor you purchased thru. If you screw up, it's a BIG problem.

    PLEASE RESPOND IN THE THREAD LINKED TO ABOVE, here is the link in case you missed it:
    Feel free to link to it if the info is correct, feel free to add ANY tips you may have.

    Last edited by WeAreNotAlone; 11-23-12 at 12:03 AM.
    11-22-12 11:09 PM

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