1. Mugenski's Avatar
    I've just done a full fresh wipe and root on my pb. 4869 core with the 6149 bars - coreos

    What else can I do? I installed the lib for new apps xsacha posted but thats it.

    Can I get bars from the .1088 and sideload them? If i don't load the coreos I should be fine for keeping my root correct?

    Just getting ancy waiting for bb10
    11-03-12 10:37 PM
  2. SifJar's Avatar
    Not all the 1088 BARs will work without the Core OS. Some of them require updated libraries etc. I believe the next version of Dingleberry will include pretty much all you need to create some sort of hybrid OS with 1088 apps along with root.
    11-04-12 06:27 AM
  3. Mugenski's Avatar
    That would be neat

    Guess I'll sit tight for now...

    One day I'll pickup a book to learn this linux/qnx stuff myself
    11-04-12 06:36 AM

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