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    Hello all, need your advice.

    4-days ago picked up my first RIM device, a PlayBook 64GB for the wife. Unit having a production date of 01-2011.
    Before I knew it- OS auto-updated itself to v which from what I've read cannot be "rooted".

    (I had to "Stack Charge" the unit to get enough juice in the unit and was:
    A: Unfamiliar with the setup process.
    B: Did not know a update would be forced.)

    Currently I have (2) more PlayBooks on their way to me, both with 01-2011 production date as well.
    (2nd unit for me so I can provide tech support to wife, the other to a family member.)
    I would assume these units will be running ver 1.xxx as well and don't want them to auto-update to a OS revision that is not root friendly. EG: v


    I'd like the option to be able to ROOT the device(s) I will be picking up in the next day or so. Short on time so I really appreciate some some insight from the those here who are familiar with the process.

    Q1: v from what I've read cannot be rooted, nor can the OS be rolled back to a prior version. Is this correct?
    Q2: What is the process on a brand new spanking unit to get the unit to a point in which the rooting process can begin?
    EG: How do you cancel unit trying to auto-update?
    (As stated I not not familiar with the first boot setup procedure, I'm unfamiliar with how the unit should behave, if a account needs to be created, blah, blah as I was trying to get the unit to accept a charge. )
    Q3:All the links I've tried for prior OS revisions are down, could anyone out there PM me a working link?
    Q4: What is the best walkthru to use to update ver 1.xxx unit to ver 2.xxxx that is rootable?,
    Q5: Are the tools still available?, most of the info I've been seeing is from several months to a year ago, read a post here and there that the limited amount of modder interest has been waning since the OS has been locked down again (Can't root device).
    Q6: Can the unit be setup without a user account being created?

    Q7: Related question on the unit that auto-updated to v, if unit cannot be rolled back I may give the family member that unit.
    A: Is it pretty simple to do a factory reset?
    B: Is the units ID/serial/ESN tied to a particular account? I'd like to do a factory reset and am concerned about my usage of the unit for the past few days impacting any warranty claim they might do at a future date.

    Any and all suggestions, tips are welcomed.

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