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    This is a list of relevant info from CFP itself (shortened from the full help printouts which are available at http://pastebin.com/yHLjy2eE):

    CFP Usage
    CFP [-u<port>] [-g<GUID>] [-IG] [-W<password>] [-NP] [-FS] [-V<verbosity>] [
    -T <max connect timeout>] [-C <max command timeout>]<command>

    -U<port> specifies the USB port (e.g. -U4 specifies USB port 4); Configuration with USBPortMapper.exe is required.
    -G<GUID> specifies the device GUID. Cannot be combined with -U
    -IG specifies that cfp will ignore the device GUID when connecting to a device. Cannot be used with -U or -G options.
    -W<password> specifies the device password. If a password is required, but not provided, the user will be prompted to enter the password.
    -NP specifies that the operation should only procede if there is NO password. The operation will abort if a password is set.
    -FS specifies that only a full speed RAMImage may be uploaded.
    -V<verbosity> specifies the level of information chatter. If ,<filename> is specified, all output other than the progress will be sent to the specified file.
    -T<max connect timeout> specifies a maximum conection timeout in ms.
    -C<max command timeout> specifies a maximum command timeout in ms.

    <command> is one of
    HELP [<command>]
    INFO [-v]
    FILEINFO <filename>
    LOAD <filename1> [filename2] [-v] [-p]
    WIPE [-F|-I]
    SAVEFS [-X] <filename>
    CSAVEFS <filename>
    NUKE [-A]
    ERASE <range>
    READ <range> [-A] <filename>
    CREAD <range> [-A] <filename>
    WRITE <range> <filename> [<offset>] [-v]
    WRITE <start address> <filename> [<offset>] [-v]
    HASHBOOTROM [<bootromfile> [<hwvfile>]]
    USBMS [-i<INFO> | -s<ENABLE> | -c<DISABLE>]
    PATRIOT [-o] <subcommand> [<arguments>]
    GETLOG [filename]

    <range> is one of
    <start address>-<end address> (start address < end address)
    <start address>,<length> (length > 0)
    All addresses, lengths, and offsets are expressed in HEX. Also,
    <end address> is the address of the last byte in the range (e.g. <length> = <end address> - <start address> + 1)

    Verbosity Level:
    -vd Display nothing at all (output disabled)
    -v0 Display nothing other than progress
    -v1 Display errors
    -v2 Display errors and warnings (default)
    -v3 Display procedural steps
    -v4 Display protocol commands
    -v5 Display everything. Lots of chatter!

    USB Ports: to use this feature, configuration with USBPortMapper.exe
    is required. Please see 'USBPortMapper.exe HELP' for more information.

    The HELP command invokes the built-in help system.
    The INFO command extracts and then displays a wealth of information about the device.
    The FLASHINFO command extracts and then displays information about the flash
    The FILEINFO command extracts and then displays a wealth of information about the specified files.
    The LOAD command loads the specified file(s) onto a device.
    The WIPE command allows the filesystemor all the filesystem and OS regions of flash to be irreversibly erased.
    The SAVEFS command saves the file system data from a device to the specified file.
    The CSAVEFS command saves an encrypted filesystem dump.
    The NUKE command erases all of the user's data off the device including the filesystem and the password.
    The FRESH command puts the device into freshness seal.
    The ERASE command erases flash sectors on a device. The INFO will provide all of the address information required to use this command.
    The READ command reads data from flash on a device and writes it to a file.
    The CREAD command saves an encrypted image of memory.
    The WRITE command writes data from a file to flash on a device.
    The HIS puts the device into Head in Sand mode.
    The HOS takes the device out of Head in Sand mode.
    The GETHISMODE gets the Head in Sand mode of the device.
    The SETHISMODE sets the Head in Sand mode of the device.
    The HASHBOOTROM command connects to a device and calculates a SHA-1 hash signature of the bootrom.
    The USBMS command can be used to check or change USB Mass Storage mode on USBMS-capable devices.
    The PATRIOT command accesses a set of sub-commands for Patriot operations (INFO, LOAD, BERBUG, ERASE, WRITE, READ, LOCKSTATUS, RESETLOG, MEMTEST, WIPE).
    The GETLOG command reads the bugdisp log for debug RAMImages.

    However, that is NOT a full list of commands. For example, we already know about the undocumented resetqnxosregion, which is used to prevent a new OS from installing after it has been unpacked.

    Unlisted CFP commands:
    cfp load coreos.signed - loads the .signed file extracted from a qcfm.barfp

    ***unnecessary disclaimer***
    It's entirely your fault if you brick your PlayBook using any of this info.
    Updated 08/05/12
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    cfp help

    is the only one you need to know.
    08-04-12 11:57 PM
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    But cfp help doesn't list a all commands, for example the resetqnxosregion command (unless I'm missing it).
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    08-05-12 12:01 AM
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    I think someone already made one (found on google a while back) and it had alot of commands not listed under cfp help. Looking for a link
    08-05-12 12:06 AM
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    Well I just made a list of all the commands the cfp gives you and what help displays that they do, BUT that does NOT seem to include things like resetqnxosregion.
    See the list at BlackBerry CFP Commands - Pastebin.com
    08-05-12 01:16 AM
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    Here is one that I believe puts the battery in deep sleep?????



    The FRESH command puts the device into freshness seal. Namely, after sending this command, the battery will be turned off and a manual reset will be required to turn the device back on.

    08-05-12 11:46 AM
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    Updated the OP with a short version of all commands which CFP lists, which is NOT a full list of actual commands.
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    didnt exist something like CFP but for new blackberrys?? like torch 2 9810, or something tht have the command usbms :s
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    02-07-13 04:31 PM
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    Sorry to bring such an old thread up, but does anyone know what the CFP fresh command does besides shut off the battery?
    07-09-13 08:26 PM
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    did someone know the exact RANGES i have to specify when erasing a Z10 ?
    Other Ranges Z30 are also intresting to know...
    09-15-14 11:53 AM
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