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    Have (2) First generation NOS (New Old Stock) 7 inch PlayBooks I should picking up today.

    EDIT: Here they are:
    Have (3) I need to get rooted pronto.
    Production date: 2011-06
    Production date: 2011-12

    PlayBook I picked up last week auto updated to so it's not "Rootable".

    A: What is the procedure to Delay the forced update upon install first boot?
    (I would prefer burn-in unit a week or so before rooting unit.)
    B: What is the procedure during the first boot to point the unit to a firmware/OS version that is ROOT friendly?
    C: Which version should I flash?

    Please in your response think back to when you did your first PB root.

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    A quick search in the rooting forums will answer all of this.
    11-16-12 11:44 AM
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    All detailed in the second post here: http://forums.crackberry.com/playboo...aybook-746343/

    (You've already been given this link by someone else before you made this post I believe....)
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    11-16-12 01:14 PM
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    All detailed in the second post here: http://forums.crackberry.com/playboo...aybook-746343/

    (You've already been given this link by someone else before you made this post I believe....)
    Apperciate the link, I had not gotten notification.

    Regarding the link, I'm unable to do a copy and paste as I'm on PlayBook #1 running but within the thread Vectorx in post 29 said that method did not work and linked to another method.

    Guess I need to get on a PC so I can compare methods/pages sde by side.

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    AnitRIM has now edited his post (post #2 in the thread linked above) to point to the post linked by Vectorx. I guess that is the method to use.
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    Yes use his, the method I showed wasn't working for some people for some reason, plus more people found his post easier to understand.
    11-16-12 07:34 PM
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    "New method to root a new PB as of 2012-11-16, see post #2

    Can anyone CONFIRM?


    Q: Why isn't there a STICKY on rooting the device?...

    How about you old pro's here looking over the below , add tricks or tips you might know.

    You only have (1) chance to root the device
    The command 'cfp resetqnxosregion'' has to be done within a 10 sec window.
    Tips on running the CFP program:
    EG: Run the command "cfp flashinfo", tells you the version # of flash currently on PB?
    It's ok to power on a new PB (to charge it /check display?)
    You can power on new PB, Just don't create account, proceed past XYZ screen as this will start upgrade process.
    (Does someone know each step?)
    It's best to fully charge the battery before beginning. (duh)
    (During charging, or powering up a new PB to check display/charge turn routers off so no Wifi access is available during that time?)
    Best to run the "CFP" app at least once before connecting PB (Get familar with app)
    Best to do a COLD boot of computer before starting procedure.
    Disable Anti-Virus
    Disable anything that might auto-update on your PC during the procedure.
    Close down unneeded programs in task manager.
    Put files in a folder with a short name in root of drive of PC. (Lots of apps if the pathway is too long may appear to work, but may crap out if pathway is too long.)

    Stuff like that. Surely you guys have some tricks and tips.

    "New method to root a new PB as of 2012-11-16, post #2

    Yes it is possible to prevent from upgrading to the latest OS. First you need to download 4869 OS. Unzip it and find file ''qcfm.os.com.qnx.coreos.qcfm.os.sdk.4869.79475.si gned.bar''. You will have to again unzip(unrar) this file and you get the file with ending singed only(rename it to 4869.signed-it is easier then to use it). Then you need to find program called ''cfp''. When you have all of this follow this steps:

    1. run cfp command: ''cfp load 4869.signed'' (this should load 4869 OS to your pb)
    2. pb will start and you will have to go through set up. Do it.
    3. If you get wifi bug-if you cant see any wifi networks you need to do: ''cfp nuke''
    4. Now you should see wifi networks.
    5. You let pb to download latest OS and also you let it to install.
    6. While latest OS is being installed get you cfp ready with command: ''cfp resetqnxosregion'' but dont run it yet.
    7. When latest OS is installed it will pop up restart button and your pb will restart in 10 sec.(do no restart your pb...follow to step 8)
    8. This is most important step as you have to run that command from step 6 in this 10 sec window.
    9. Now your pb should just turn off and cfp should run that command.
    10. If for any reason you miss this window or cfp didnt work..well you will load with latest. I advise you first to get familiar with cfp and try command resetqnxosregion before you let pb to download latest OS. You should get message like ''QNX OS REGION NVRAM is cleared''. If all goes ok you ill start pb with 4869 which is rootable.

    Also you will probably start with only browser so you need to sideload apps. From that file you downloaded first( that is 4869.rar), you will see also other files which are apps. You can sideload all of them to your pb. Then you should have 4869 with apps and root(use Dingleberry 3.3.3 for that)

    I am currently working on getting latest OS running with root. When I finish it I will post method how to do it. Though first you need to be on 4869 rooted.

    Good luck.
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    @WeAreNotAlone, I hear you & that some info needs to be upto date. With regards to the rooting, I don't know how myself & haven't attempted this one yet.
    11-22-12 11:27 PM

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