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    No search results so here goes...

    Anyone here ever have a Zune mp3 player?

    I had...still have the original White Zune 30g. Since my first smartphone my Zune gathers dust which is sort of a bummer because I really enjoyed the games on it, in particular Hexic.

    I sure would like to see Hexic on the PlayBook...I know that it is based upon the XBox but even a rip off would be great. I play its audio thru my stereo when I play the game and it has great sounds, not as great as PewPew but still pretty good.
    06-08-12 07:31 PM
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    I owned a 30gb Black Gen1. Later on I bought and still own a black 80gb 2nd gen.

    When I bought my first BlackBerry, a Bold 9000, I have used my Smartphone as a media device and the Zune will be passing to my mother on her Birthday. It's collected enough dust and it's too good of a device to be sitting around. Ah yes I still loved rubbing the wireless sync and FM reciever of my Zune into the faces of the iPod fanboys.
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    06-08-12 10:34 PM
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    Yes WiFi sync was a pretty cool feature...
    06-08-12 10:58 PM