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    Hi everyone,

    If you have a PS3 or Xbox360, you may be familiar with Zen Studios. They produce Zen Pinball, Zen Pinball FX, Marvel Pinball, and other pinball related franchises for these systems. Zen Studios are currently in the final stages of adapting their games for Android Tablets and for the Ipad.

    I wrote an email to the studio requesting consideration for bringing over their software to the Playbook and received the following reply:

    Hello Gerry

    Not sure what our plans for Blackberry are yet but we are trying to get our game everywhere. Emails like this certainly help letting us know what devices to focus on!

    Email: pr@zenstudios.com

    Looking on their community forums, there does appear interest on the part of Zen to develop for the Playbook but they are unclear as to the demand. So my friends, I have a call for action. If you are interested in seeing Zen Studios develop and support for the Playbook, please let them know. You can reach them at the email address above. For reference, their website is: Zen Studios

    They are also on twitter as well; it might be good to tweet them your interest there too.

    Thanks everyone.
    10-17-11 02:48 PM
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    Update: Just received a note from Zen Studios by twitter that says "we've been getting a bunch of Blackberry requests today!"

    Thanks everyone who has tweeted/emailed them. I think its been helpful to let them know of our interest. Keep it up.
    10-17-11 06:15 PM
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    Hi everyone,

    Just saw this on the official Zen Pinball forums. It was a reply to someone requesting Zen Pinball for the Playbook:

    "Thanks for getting in touch for for your request. We will certainly consider release for Playbook, but cannot confirm it will happen right at this moment. It is nice to hear from people regarding which devices they would like to be able to play on."

    If anyone plays Zen, or would like to see it, it might be helpful in showing Zen that there is interest if you log on to their forums and post a reply in this thread:

    Playbook port? - Zen Studios Forums

    Perhaps with more people posting and requesting it, we will see this game brought over to our side
    01-15-12 12:49 AM