1. paranee2's Avatar
    i am trying to figure out how to remove the history. but i couldnt on playbook.
    when i go in to recents section everything its there.
    please help me
    04-23-11 10:13 AM
  2. Playbook2011's Avatar
    1. Turn on your Browser (like Google)
    2. Swipe down the top Frame
    3. Goto Options
    4. Privacy & Security
    5. Clear History, etc...
    6. Private browsing ON
    04-25-11 06:25 PM
  3. gr8ocguy's Avatar
    I believe this is discussed in another thread, but in short, there is no way to clear the youtube app history other than by doing a full security wipe and starting fresh. The comment above is only applicable when you use the browser to go to the youtube site. If you use the onboard youtube app, there is no known way to clear the history... It acts more like a youtube 'viewer' only....
    04-25-11 06:59 PM