1. timmy t's Avatar
    I was asking about Skype on the Playbook and now the thread has been closed.
    Some people seemed to think I was talking about the Android version being ported over to the Playbook, which is an assumption that I never made any statement about.
    Can Skype be written now for the Playbook?
    09-18-12 10:04 AM
  2. mikeo007's Avatar
    It was always possible for Skype to be written for the Playbook. 2.1 doesn't change anything. The camera access is an Android player feature that's added in 2.1
    09-18-12 10:08 AM
  3. timmy t's Avatar
    OK, thanks Mike. My mistake.
    09-18-12 10:27 AM
  4. TTBGF's Avatar
    Skype & Netflix Are touchy subject around here.
    lol..........funny..........true but funny.
    09-18-12 10:36 AM
  5. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Likely because it was redundant, much like this one.. which was also initially posted in the wrong area.
    09-19-12 10:00 AM
  6. dbmalloy's Avatar
    Darn... was sort of hoping these threads had died a natural death....
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    09-19-12 10:07 AM
  7. BerryClever's Avatar
    As others said, it can be written, but hasn't. Probably one of two reasons (for official versions), and it can be said of most of the highly sought after apps like Netflix, Kindle, twitter, etc:

    1. The platform is not yet popular enough to put resources in (hard truth, and it is a subjective decision on what is "popular enough")
    2. If they are thinking about releasing an app, they will wait for BB10 to arrive first. If they are considering an app then a shallow research would show that BB10 will be the next platform on all BB products and resources shouldn't be used for 2.0 or 2.1 or whatever else before BB10. There is the possibility that RIM will get permission to make the app themselves, but that again won't happen until BB10 is released or sometime after.

    As for a 3rd party app (ie unofficial Skype), if it hasn't been done then I'd venture to guess that there is either no public API or cannot be done properly.

    Maybe having a sticky for Skype, Netflix, Amazon products (Kindle, Prime, Store app), and whatever else that is a hot topic might help. If it goes to 200 pages, at least there is just one thread of it. Any added threads could just be merged or deleted because I think these threads cannot really be stopped, just controlled.
    09-21-12 12:49 AM