1. Wongsky's Avatar
    I'm wary there's been plenty of threads about the Kindle app, but just wondered if there's any danger of a later version than the 3.2 version that's been BAR-ified for the PlayBook. Really 3.5 (or anything later) would be ideal, because that seems to be the point where / when whispersync of personal documents started working, and as a fair amount of my docs are such that I read on my Kindle keyboard and Android tab, there's no real point me sideloading 3.2 on my PlayBook as I'd not be able to benefit from sync of much of what I'm reading.

    Do you think it'll ever happen?
    10-15-12 02:26 PM
  2. citystars41's Avatar
    it'll happen with bb10
    10-15-12 07:14 PM
  3. Wongsky's Avatar
    it'll happen with bb10
    I was rather hoping it wouldn't be quite so distant as pinning all hopes on the PlayBook's supposed silver bullet.

    I also have to say, not convinced that Amazon will do anything specific for the platform / OS.

    So far, the things that get the thumbs up from me, about the PlayBook - form factor, display, slick and responsive to use - for normal use, I tend to favour it, over my existing 10.1" Android tab (admittedly running 2.2) - accepting that I prefer the aging 2.2 gmail app on Android to the email app on the PlayBook - even then I'm still using my PlayBook more for those things.

    But the things letting it down for me, are Kindle app support (the sync thing is a big deal, if it's to integrate with my other Kindle usage), and my only real complaint about the native video player - resume / bookmark support. The music player works well, and the photo app thing not that dissimilar to the one on my Android tab (although that does seem to have some - admittedly decidedly flakey - support for picasa albums).
    10-16-12 03:29 AM

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