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    Hi everyone,

    I wrote to Xseed Games - publishers of games for the PSP, DS, and WII - asking them to give some thought to producing/porting some of their titles onto the Playbook making an argument that the field is really wide open on the Playbook for quality games; and that for EA, their games have been quite successful; and that Playbook users are very eager to purchase quality apps on the tablet.

    I received a response from them this afternoon which expressed their appreciation for the proposal along with an indication that they "will check it out". Obviously, this should not be taken as any indication that a game(s) is on the way or that Xseed Games would develop or is developing games for the Playbook, but I did think it was nice to receive a reply from them...particularly a reply that did not say they have no interest in looking at the Playbook.

    So, if you like Xseed Games (XSEED Games), then maybe drop them an email message or facebook message indicating that you would be supportive in seeing something brought to the Playbook. Maybe if enough people indicated their interest, the company might consider developing for the Playbook
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    10-04-11 06:03 PM
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    playbook users its a wide target, if they are smart... we will have their games in appWorld soon
    10-05-11 01:14 AM