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    I was reading http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...roblem-682151/ by http://forums.crackberry.com/members/emtunc-3120793/ and I notice the usage of his blog for non US resident having problem buying apps.

    While he found a way to pay apps lesser for apps in UK, he made me think of a way to solve my unability to buy apps due to restriction of Digital River where I can't use my CC and paypal since paypal is not recognized in relation to appworld.

    For those who still can't buy apps with the above error ids, Emtunc shows us the way by using Proxy server, The Flaw In BlackBerry App World Pricing – Get BlackBerry App World Apps Cheaper by Paying in Another Currency | emtunc's Blog please read his blog first and hopefully you can see the similarity in solving our problem.

    However, to make it easy, I will list down the step below :

    1. If you are having problem with CC, open up a paypal account and register it to app world. If you already have a paypal account go to step 2. Please choose USD as your primary.

    2. Choose a proxy server as Emtunc's blog

    3. Configure your playbook as Emtunc's blog. Test the connection (sometime it is difficult to get a good connection, test it by opening google in the browser because it is fast), it will be easier if you choose http proxy. Select a US proxy server with Medium security.

    4. Open up App World and buy away.

    You will notice it will not be fast. Buy the app first until it start to download a little. While it's still downloading buy another and another app. After you have finished buying. Uncheck the Http Proxy checkbox and "Save and Connect" severing the http connection.

    With your own connection, reinstall the apps you have bought.

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    01-03-12 09:43 AM