03-26-12 06:45 PM
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  1. bulls2213's Avatar
    4.70 is what I have and it freezes like crazy. It seems most of the people in the thread who says it's running fine are using 4.73. So that is what I am going to try.

    I would guess erasing it would wipe your current games, but maybe someone else can verify. One of many pains of having to sideload. You can't run a normal app update.
    No, the games are all stored server-side.
    03-23-12 07:44 PM
  2. rickkel's Avatar
    I have version 4.73 and it constantly crashes, normally every other time I make a move. And it ALWAYS crashes if I chat with the player and/or get a wild blank tile and attempt to use it.

    I always have about five games going on at once (yes, I'm addicted) and it gets old - but at least I don't have to buy an iPad to play it.

    I would pay money to get a non-crashing version from App World. Are you listening Zynga?????
    03-26-12 06:45 PM
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