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    So a Woot off was going on today and I really was wishing that the Wootle app had a tab for home.woot.com. So I contacted support asking if an update was coming soon and I received this:


    Thank you for the compliment. Our app does actually support home.woot in the newer versions. We have not yet ported it to the playbook because RIM's team is adamant that we remove wine.woot from the feeds as it goes against their "no sale of alcohol" policy. They let the app through originally, but are blocking any updates. Couple that with their poorly-functioning backend control panel, and it's a bit hard for us to rush to provide updates as quick as we do for iOS and Android platforms.

    We will continue to push ahead however, and we hope the updates will trickle down eventually.

    Now, I do appreciate that RIM has a policy like this in place, but what is the big deal? This erked me. Time to see if the androidapp can port!
    12-06-11 07:58 PM