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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has gotten any of the "rdp" apps in app world to work with windows 8, specifically I am using windows server 8.

    I have bought both remote desktop apps, the one with the satalitte and the one with the tablet in front of the monitor screen, also pixel push.

    I do not want a vnc type connection becuase I don't actually log in through a connected display monitor. I can however connect to my windows server 8 box on rdp through remote desktop with the tablet and monitor screen icon app, but the result is that the connected screen shows up deformed and scrambled.

    I think it might be because there is a new rdp protocol in windows 8 and was hoping that the app devs would take a look into it before not to long.

    I never did buy the "Remote RDP Enterprise" yet and was wondering if that would work to rdp to a windows 8 server or similar too.
    07-03-12 03:23 PM
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    try splashtop remote dektop with splashtop server 2 for pc ... tell me how it goes???
    07-03-12 03:34 PM
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    ok I got my windows server box to work with splashtop, its just that I need to log into two different accounts on that server. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that. With remote desktop it was as simple as changing the user name and password, but with splashtop it seems like it needs the streamer software on each account. Still not sure yet. Thanks though, been meaning to try out splashtop.

    Seems like I need to have my console screen in focus before I can use splashtop. Like on my workstation if I have my windows server 8 box open through remote desktop in fullscreen focus then I can operate it remotly though spashtop on my playbook, but if I minamize my rdp connection on my workstation then I cannot remotly control my windows 8 box with splashtop. I'm still fiddling around with it though so maybe I can work it the way I need it to.
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    07-03-12 04:09 PM
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    Remote Desktop for BlackBerry Playbook (the one with the satellite) works just fine with my corporate 2008R2 server. Have you tried contacting the developers for either application? It may be as simple as a setting change. Have you tried changing the RDP resolution?

    Keep in mind though that Server 8, Windows Server 2012, is still in development so RDP may still not be completely implemented. Similarly, SMB sharing isn't completely implemented in Windows 8 workstation beta. Such are the inherent risks of beta software.
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    07-03-12 04:28 PM
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    Yes its not that I am trying to be demanding, it will work eventually. I can connect to my windows server 8 box through normal windows 7 rdp and since using splashtop I can successfully connect to each servers account after restarting splashtop app from a connection interuption loop. So I am happy that I can see my server now remotely.

    I think splashtop is for console sessions though and i'd rather have rdp remote session.

    @dosboxwasthestuff, splashtop did work and I will use it untill the playbook rdp apps for windows 8 will work good.

    I may email some of the devs, but I don't want to seem pushy for it as they probably already know its in the works
    07-03-12 04:44 PM