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    Why didn't Rim launch the PB with an emulator to run existing BB apps? If it was technologically possible, that single move could have made all the difference. On the Android platform, the new OS can run existing apps even though not optimized for a tablet. Same with the Ipad.
    06-27-11 07:43 AM
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    I don't recall its name but there's a new app that kind of does that - it shows the apps running on the playbook. Reviews suggest it might be slow. There's a module for the bb phone and one for the pb.


    BlackBerry App World - Phone Remote For BlackBerry PlayBook (Pairing App)
    06-27-11 09:30 AM
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    i dont know about you but i find most os5-6 apps are horrible. so i think that they would rather start off on a clean slate with qnx. maybe they may make one when os7 comes out, but i hope not. i think that qnx can handle it no problem its just why bother. as far as android froyo, honey comb, ginger bread, and ice cream sandwich are all essentually the same os. the only limiting factor with android between oses is froyo and honey comb and hardware. case in point i can use getglue app on froyo, ice cream sandwich, and ginger bread but will not work on my honey comb tablet. also today samuri ii vengence was update to work with tegra chips.

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    06-27-11 09:30 AM
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    According to the Two Clowns "its coming" (referring to the Java Player). Like EVERYTHING else, it's coming in the future.
    06-27-11 09:59 AM