1. Rob Robertson's Avatar
    I did a search and did not find another instance of this topic in the "apps and games" subsection.

    People who are using OS 2.0 are missing out on some awesome games from Union. Samurai 2, Snuggle Truck and Castle Warriors to name a few.

    I have not heard a technical reason for why these games do not work. I understand that OS 2.0 is a beta and there are some hiccups to be expected but some kind of explanation might ease my frustration.

    My assumption is that it is an issue with the Unity 3D engine. If so, does every single Union game have to be updated at some point? Won't that be a huge hassle for the developers that will eventually cause them to throw up their arms in frustration at the PlayBook?

    I'd appreciate it if someone with some smarts could enlighten my non-programmer brain.
    11-15-11 06:19 PM
  2. M.Rizk's Avatar
    If they used NDK 1 for PlayBook then its for OS1 to 1.9 only.

    Wait for the release of NDK 2 if that ever happens anytime soon so Union would update its games.

    Don't forget that OS2 is a Developer Beta so RIM will not be caring to make the current apps/games work on it anytime soon, you still have 3 months left on OS2 that if they didn't postpone it like usual.

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    11-15-11 10:58 PM
  3. FourOhFour's Avatar
    because probably 50% of the shared libraries have changed, and if the app was not linked against the new ones, it won't run on the new OS.
    11-16-11 12:43 AM
  4. Nigelbrown's Avatar
    So far I have a few games that wont load on os2, I enjoy os 2 too much to downgrade , but will not currently purchase games that do not work with this platform. I have bought many other games, so basically it's a loss for Union until they fix it.
    11-16-11 12:26 PM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    Generally games that don't work on the beta are clearly labeled in App World by the vendor. I believe the Union games are so labeled.
    11-16-11 12:42 PM