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    Found this brief oped in Gizmodo about Google's approach to the Web vs Microsoft's proposal for Windows 8.

    It does a fairly objective recap of Chrome OS and why Microsoft could become a great contender in the future where every aspect of our lives are in the cloud.

    I've seen a couple of threads where people justify the lack of specific apps because Web versions are available through the PlayBook browser.

    It does a better job than I ever could explaining the importance for healthy app environments and why it will determine what platform will succeed.
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    05-16-12 11:20 PM
  2. KermEd's Avatar
    I agree, Apps are super important. Unfortunately all we can do is accept it for what it is, any apps really missing now need higher powers than a user community to push.

    But, its come a long way. Doing better than many in todays community --- its really hard to get devs to build large known apps for devices actually
    05-16-12 11:34 PM