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    I'm curious as to who rejects apps for the playbook, rim or the dev? I'll take some popular ones like skype, netflix, and hulu.
    05-18-12 01:03 PM
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    I think both, but I think are more the developers who don't want to waste their time on something that (maybe) doesn't work, or the API's aren't there yet (like skype)
    05-18-12 01:17 PM
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    First things first: People become RIM developers by agreeing to the terms of the BlackBerry SDK Licensing Agreement. http://us.blackberry.com/legal/SDKLA_English.pdf

    Second the developer submits an app to RIM for approval (according to the terms of the SDK licencing agreement). The developer may decide on his own volition to submit an app, or RIM may ask a developer to submit an app or RIM might pay a developer to submit an app. But the developer must submit an the app. So if Microsoft does not submit Skype then Skype will not be available in App World.

    Thirdly, RIM accepts or rejects the app based on the terms of the SDK licensing agreement. This agreement is heavy on responsibilities for the developer but makes it pretty clear that RIM is the decider when it comes to what is posted to App World. I believe that if Microsoft wanted to offer Skype in App World, RIM would bend over backwards to accommodate that request.
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    05-18-12 01:19 PM
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    From what I hear Skype is on its way...finally
    05-18-12 02:02 PM
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    From what I hear Skype is on its way...finally
    Sources please?
    05-18-12 02:18 PM
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    Sources please?
    Mother's aunt's gardener's poolboy's sister-in-law's chief cook and bottle washer.
    05-18-12 05:01 PM
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    The latest rumor is that skype is working on an html5 version, which would work on the PlayBook.
    It's not a PlayBook app per se, but good enough for me.
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    05-18-12 05:31 PM
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    Who rejects trolling threads?
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    05-18-12 07:54 PM
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    Back to the thread topic... I developed and submitted 3 apps and RIM had them all up in a couple of days. Nothing major, just some simple clean utilities/clocks.

    So unless the app is complete garbage, misleading, malware, pornographic, or otherwise plainly recognized as inappropriate and offensive, I do not think RIM would ever reject an app. If an app is not in Appworld, then the developer hasn't made it (Netflix and Skype). They have other agendas, plain and simple.

    RIM wants to populate the app store with as much as possible. Things will sort themselves out. If an app is crap, nobody will buy it. Free Apps people can try and delete. One of my apps had a demo and a paid version with more unlocked features, and my other app was free. So people could always see before they buy. If an app has no trial, and since reviews can be skewed, buy at your own risk, because RIM doesn't necessarily guarantee the quality of the app (just look on the forums for some examples of people who bought and complained that the description was misleading).

    So the more apps RIM approves, the better. It is the developer community that is holding things back, not RIM. If I had more time I would be submitting way more apps... They are coming. Unfortunately, a free app with no ads makes no money so it is a hobby for me, not my main line of work which takes priority. But I do it because I have fun.
    05-18-12 08:04 PM
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    RIM, the developer as well as even some service providers reject apps or refuse to develop at the first place. One of the big problem with RIM is that they depend too much on service providers for BIS and RIM go to bed with our service providers. This is why Apple and Androids have the ability to update OS without a third party.

    For some apps, it is caused by stupid agreements. Skype I think went into an agreement with few companies and that's why we don't have it!
    I don't care who is the problem here, but I am leaving BB for good if BB 10 fail.

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    05-18-12 08:07 PM