1. gregorylkelly's Avatar
    What I mean are apps like eBay, Pandora, TripAdvisor, and other non RIM, but officials apps that we see on every other platform. Are companies waiting on sales figures, SDKs, or are they skipping the PlayBook altogether?

    I dont care about Angry Birds and stuff like that, and I can use the browser for now, but I want to be able to multitask with those apps and that just isnt possible with the browser.
    05-01-11 06:32 PM
  2. narci's Avatar
    maybe try the app forum?

    05-01-11 06:39 PM
  3. TheArliss's Avatar
    Im guessing alot of developers are waiting for the native sdk. i dont know just a guess
    05-01-11 08:11 PM
  4. UnifiedTechs's Avatar
    None of those apps existed for other tablets when they were first released either, Any good company is going to wait for 2 things.

    First are the sdks available to code it for the best experience, and more importantly will there be a high enough market to make it worth the development cost. Remember there was not a developer pre release for hardware and if for example your netflix app crashes because the developer emulator behaved diffrently then the hardware users would be upset at netflix for releasing a junk app.

    It was sometimes a year before those apps were released on "that other" tablet so give it some time. It's a real chicken and egg problem but as the user base grows the apps will come.
    05-01-11 08:49 PM