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    I need to get this off my chest and vent because its really starting to **** me off.

    I will first say that I am a satisfied Playbook user, but I have one major gripe - there simply are NOT enough games. I want something that compares to the iPad and the amazing plethora of games that are available. Heck, I'd even be happy with Android's marketplace at this point, but there are virtually NO games available for the Playbook. Need for Speed is incredible, and I really hope we see MORE games like that very soon.

    I know that Angry Birds is coming, and the Android Marketplace 'should' be coming, but damn the Playbook in its current condition with the very limited amount of games is just painful.

    I want the Playbook to be my source of entertainment. Whether that's watching movies, playing games or surfing the internet - I want it to work and I want it to be comparable to the iPad. Is that really so much to ask?!

    I see now why RIM is not very popular in the smartphone world, but they still have a chance to turn this around and start doing what the people want. Smartphones are, after all, about US! You and I and all of our wants and needs...that's what drives RIM, but it seems that they are just too slow getting from the drawing board and into our hands.

    Do I like my Playbook? Heck yes! I just want to see it in it's fullest potential!!! This unit is awesome, and does almost everything I need it to...but the lack of games...dang it, that almost makes me want to return it and go with an iPad. The fact that they released it far too soon is just a disappointment...it could have been awesome when it was released if only RIM had finished the programming more and made it a complete and whole device...

    C'mon RIM - you still have a hardcore user fanbase that believes in you...start listening to us (which we know you do!) and start competing with APPLE rather than going down the road to failure...
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    If they didn't release it yet, BB fans would go mad with the absence of products.
    Although its there first attempt here, it really doesn't compare with Ipads compatibility with things. Although a good attempt, and has its own uniqueness. You really can't compare them.

    They really needed to make themselfs more appealing to consumars, other then saying its specs are crazy. Cause the truth is, you really can't use anything with thsi to expose those specs.
    (Just some ex., not fully detailed about it)
    Now apple is known for being; realiable, easy to use, has the most (quality) apps, and a Dictatorship.
    Andriod is the most; used opperating system, easy to mod./develope to, a lot more free (quality) apps, and a battery drain.
    Windows even is known for; business, speculated to have most sales in 2014, and few app selection.
    Well enough of that, BB is known for; business, realiability, globaly spread, and being boring...

    BB lost its consumar attraction, which was BBM (besides the design). Honestly, the BB-Bridge can be the next thing. They really need to work on more integretion, and more advanced bluetooth techn. to make it work... Atleast before someone else perfects/starts it first.

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    Theres more good games than apps, so i find the complaint kind of ironic.

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    There is nothing boring about reliability. To me games are a diversion, not a destination. Its nice to play once in a while, but I really dont want to play games all the time. One or two really good games, brain teasers, puzzles is about all I can take. So no complaint from me on that front.
    06-21-11 08:47 AM
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    Bottom line is that games can only be developed in Flash/Flex today, since the NDK isn't released yet. Once that is available later this year we will likely see more graphically intense games (like NFS) ported to the PB. Until then the tools are very limited for full on 3D game development..
    06-21-11 09:00 AM
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    We will not see amazing apps for the Playbook until the NDK is released this summer. Having a C++ NDK will allow a flood of great app developers to port their code to run on the Playbook (if they choose to do so). It will also allow a lot of great open source projects to be ported over by the community.

    The key here is that developers currently don't have the tools to develop great apps for the Playbook. WebWorks and Flash/Flex just doesn't cut it.

    As a developer, I'm very excited hearing the things the NDK will provide us. It will be a huge turning point for the Playbook.
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    Thanks for the info guys...I had a feeling it was "coming soon" and your comments just verify that. Thanks again!
    06-24-11 07:22 PM
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    I check app world 2-3 times daily & games are trickling in every day, I personally get ****** off when I see a game come in. We need useful apps, goes to show what makes one person happy rains on another persons parade
    06-24-11 09:07 PM
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    Isn't the internet full of flash game sites? I'll take a stab in the dark but aren't there 1000's of flash games on the internet? I don't have a Playbook so I don't know how they work with touch screens. The internet is taking place of the need of many apps. I can't wait for the day people realize this. I guess they will still need apps on phones since the screen size. And some apps are good because of notifications(facebook and twitter) A friend of mine has an iPad and tried to go to a certain website to check the speed of the upload/download. The iPad realized it was flashed based and went into the app store instead and made him download the app. Now its handy it went into the app store but just having flash would have taken care of that. I wonder how many other apps are because of the lack of flash. The internet seems to be under utilized now-a-days with all the talk of apps : (

    I didn't mean to make it look like an anti apple rant. Its more of an anti app rant : )

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    06-25-11 10:59 PM
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    RIM's job is to market and sell Playbook. They don't develop games. Once the Playbook gains critical mass, game developer will come in. RIM will not replicate IPAD's app ecosystem. Everybody whether professional game developer or amateur developer want to develop games for IPAD and dream of creating another killer application.. RIM has no leverage over these people. But I think RIM can work with reputable and big game developer like EA to convince them to develop more quality games for Playbook. I would think RIM is implementing this strategy and positioning the Playbook as a fun device as well - theh call it Playbook.

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    06-25-11 11:25 PM
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    The thing is that I DO use my Playbook for games, and movies. Its a fun device that I use for entertainment - that's it.

    The bottom line is that if RIM wants to compete with APPLE's iPad, they NEED to be on par with the selection of games (coming with the Android Marketplace). RIM did a great thing with the Playbook...now they need to keep that ball rolling instead of dropping it like a hot potato...
    06-27-11 10:17 PM