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    I ask the subject line question for what I think is not an obscure reason.

    Recently I desired to change the cover of one of my mobi files. I didn't like the way it was being displayed on Kindle in the library grid and list views. So I went back to the original ePub file, swapped in a new cover image using Sigil, converted that to mobi in Calibre, and dropped the new mobi into /misc/android/kindle on the PB.

    But when restart Kindle the old cover icon persists in library views, even after reboots.

    The only way I could get the new icon display is to back up my mobi files and then uninstall and reinstall Kindle using DDPB.

    Is there an icon cache file or something one can manually purge so as to avoid this? Also, I don't like the fact that old junk (like icon images) accumulate on the PB and persist after I delete a book.

    Keep in mind this is related to books I put on the tablet myself, NOT books downloaded from Amazon. Those icons get stored in the /misc/android/kindle/covers folder.

    Grateful for wisdom about where this junk goes inside the PB, and whether I can get at it without jailbreaking or doing an uninstall then install of the app.
    02-28-12 10:01 AM