02-23-12 08:56 AM
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    I could care less if android ever came to app world, but someone sure must think it was a good idea because for 2 months plus i have heard repeated over and over how much better the app world choices would be once os2 dropped. now if i had heard there will be a few android apps in app world, but nothing of much importance and you will have to search through all the existing apps to worm out the new stuff i might not be so disappointed in what i'm finding.
    02-22-12 12:18 PM
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    are they in app world? don't see much different from what was there.
    How Dare you ask that question ?
    That is a troll question : or maybe its trolling when when I ask it


    Also make sure you know that RIM cannot break any promises because if they do so they should not be treated as promises. ( but just words that might have come out of the mouth of the CEO or words on paper etc that necessarily doesn't mean promises )

    Also there is always 'Wait' and 'Coming Soon'.
    02-22-12 03:36 PM
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    I owned an Amiga instead of a PC or a Mac. Several of them actually.
    I still own a PepperPad3 because I was had hopes that a Linux based tablet would leverage the Open Source community of Apps.

    Look them up. Both companies had their zealots who supported their respective companies idiotic management decisions.

    Both platforms died an ignominious, premature, and unnecessary death... Due to NOT providing the applications that their community wanted.

    You're right. I didn't do my research.
    I saw a $700 tablet on sale for $300, a brand name I thought STILL had a good reputation, and a list of hardware specs that rivaled iPad2 in a 7" form factor that I thought would be more convenient. So I jumped.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I found my new toy included a decent word processor... And dumb struck when I could edit an rtf or txt file in it.

    Great... I have 2 cameras... That are useless because there is no app to make them communicate with any one out side the BlackBerry sandbox.

    Name one thing that the Playbook does to give it niche in the tablet market.


    RIM is rapidly descending into Commodore, Pepper, and PALM territory.
    Check your industry buzz against Rims hype.

    QNX rocks as an OS. I ought to know, it was the alternative Amiga OS for a while.
    Fact is... Without the players that actually make a tablet useful, the PB, and RIM itself are going to all the other vendors I supported as an alternative platform.

    The hardware is almost perfect. Outstanding build quality.
    Doesn't mean a damn thing.

    Apps are what matters, and if you can't get the basic ones on here, YOU will be stuck with a Android tablet in Year just like me. Because this little platform is already in EOL.

    Stop being Republicans and defending what everyone know insane policy.

    Jerybis was right. I don't care if the app is native or android. I just want to get stuff done.

    OS2 haven't done that, so if RIM wants to stay in business, they better get their ads in gear and deliver, or they can join the list of companies on the prestigious list of "I blew a market leader and folded."
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    02-23-12 08:56 AM
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